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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1297d ago | opinion piece

Why Sony chose Gaikai over OnLive

GamesTM - Gaikai’s David Perry breaks down what he believes are the differences between Gaikai and OnLive that led to the Sony/Gaikai partnership. (Gaikai, OnLive, PS Vita, PS3, Sony)

NastyLeftHook0  +   1297d ago
gaikai is catchy
ATi_Elite  +   1297d ago
Why Sony chose Gaikai over OnLive
Cause the technology behind Onlive totally SUCKS!

The Gaikai tech is very improvable and many big names in the server business are onboard with it by way of Nvidia's "Grid".
miyamoto  +   1297d ago

And Gaikai is managed by the creator of Earthworm Jim- a guy who knows how console gaming works.
The_Infected  +   1297d ago
Yea you're right OnLive tech is crap! Gaikai looks 10 times better, by far less compression, and very good frame rates compared OnLives which are horrible.

I'm so glad Sony chose Gaikai:) can't wait to see the first glimpse of it with Sony on board!
yabhero  +   1297d ago
As a person who used both, Gaikai had 3 EA games on its site, Onlive has a whole wide selection.
It's a fact that Onlive has a better catalog, look it up before you disagree.
gaffyh  +   1296d ago
@yabhero - You're right, but that will start to change now seen as a company with experience now owns Gaikai.

From personal experience though, Gaikai is a really good service because it doesn't require you to install an application, unlike OnLive. It's a shame that it doesn't have as many games really.
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hay  +   1296d ago
I belive Onlive is built upon Hyper-V and RemoteFX, which are both Microsoft technologies, which are not cheap and performance is far from perfect, and less convenient to use as it's RDP-like application clientside imposing platform limitation.

Gaikai can be streamed from anything, including web browser. And the fact that Gaikai was 4 times cheaper helped too.
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black911  +   1297d ago
One or both of these 2 Reasons in no order

1. It's Cheaper

2.Its Better
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Nimblest-Assassin  +   1296d ago
I never heard of Gaikai untill the rumors of sony buying them cropped up
Patriots_Pride  +   1297d ago
Gaikai was cheaper to purchase.
TheColbertinator  +   1297d ago
380 million sure is a chunk of change though.
Patriots_Pride  +   1297d ago
380 mill is allot of money but 2 billion is allot more
Onlive was worth 1.8 billion in 2011 and has since grown so probably worth a little over 2 billion.

What really makes onlive worth that much is the portfolio of patents that they own with the most important being U.S. Patent No. 7,849,491. Listed as the inventor, Perlman originally filed for the patent back in December 2002 just after he began working on what eventually became the current OnLive streaming service launched earlier this year. It covers a "breakthrough" technology that streams "high-twitch action" videogames from remote servers in data centers using a compression unit, and a transceiver to transmit compressed game video to players with broadband-connected HDTVs, PCs, Macs or mobile devices.

Although the new patent could be a big turning point for gamers, hardware manufacturers and retailers could see it as a major threat. Theoretically consumers would no longer need to purchase games in brick-and-mortar stores and online e-tailers like Steam and Gamer's Gate, as titles can be rented and purchased through the OnLive service.

The patent could also possibly eliminate the need for purchasing a new console or upgrading PC components to run the latest title. Instead, OnLive users would only need minimal hardware to play games that would normally require high-end hardware to run. Eventually OnLive will extend its streaming games to mobile applications like the iPad and Android-based devices.

MS would pay top dollar for this patent alone.
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TooTall19  +   1297d ago
@ patriots Onlive already streams to most devices.

I'm glad Sony chose Gaikai cause I think OnLive will be able to do well on it's own. I just pre-ordered a PC game called Ravaged for OnLive and can't wait to try it out.
Tzuno  +   1297d ago
I think because it sounds more Asian. Spell it: "Gaikaiii"
PoSTedUP  +   1297d ago
lmaoo i was thinking the same thing
WeskerChildReborned  +   1297d ago
Sony Onlive doesn't sound as awesome as Sony Gaikai!
PoSTedUP  +   1297d ago
gaikai sounds more asian. ^_^y
TheColbertinator  +   1297d ago
“The first is that we’re web capable, we were the first to be able to stream games into a web page.”

"OnLive said it could stream games into web pages but never showed them running games in every day applications like Facebook."

“Just recently Goggle IO showed Gaikai running in the Chrome browser and without even Flash or Java, it just ran natively."

“We just got the Guinness World record award for the most widespread cloud gaming network,” he explains,“so we ended up with eighty eight countries with our structure of data centres and I think we’ll continue to add more and more.”

“Our strategy was a business strategy, and theirs [OnLive’s] strategy was to build a cloud version of Steam” he says, ”and that meant you were a retailer and you were competing against Wal-Mart and Best buy and EA and everybody else."

"That ‘Cloud retailer’ stand from OnLive, Perry claims, was markedly different from how Gaikai was perceived.Everybody looked to Gaikai as a company looking to help. That was honestly what we were, simply a company trying to help”

In case some don't want to read the article.
BitbyDeath  +   1297d ago
Thanks, i usually read the comments before reading the article to see if it is worth commenting XD
Psycho_PS3Truthh  +   1297d ago
They choose gaikai because gaikai is the perfect one to use, with gaikai the masters will have far more advantage than using onlive, When the PS4 launch and next gen gaikai technology start to unleash its blessing across the world, We all will be witnessing an omnipresent machinery of the future PS4 cloud database.

These things will surely put an end to inferior devices stealing money from people.

until then we will just sit and watch as the PS4 and the PS4 cloud systems come and redefine mankinds knowledge of computer science and technology. I am most certain even the science books will be change after E3 2013 arrives with news.
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h311rais3r  +   1297d ago
You really are the largest tool on the planet. You make Sony fans look horrendously bad. The ps4 has nothing to do with Gaikai other than it will stream from Gaikai servers. You truly are a pathetic little boy seeing as you cuddle with your ps3 every night. Btw....that slot is for bluray discs. Not you.
joeorc  +   1296d ago
"You really are the largest tool on the planet. You make Sony fans look horrendously bad. "

Have you read the Viral Memo yet?, that's exactly why there is people doing just exactly that..the SDF. and it's not about "we love the playstation"

we laugh @ the playstation Fans @ the console!

there is people that are really falling for all this crap?

its to discredit any fan of any certain companies product's. what's funny is there are people going to these lengths to accomplish this. And wasting the time of not just their own but also those of other's.


their more obsessed with the people and the product of the people they are trying to get more people to ridicule of a product they could care less about really, they just are a fan of the trouble causing, but on the same token their more obsessed about those very same people and its product . Then the people who are fans of such product's.

that's what's pretty funny wasting their time, about something that is pretty much moot and pointless.
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pinkyxyz  +   1297d ago
Im just hoping this means that we can get a full ps2 library on psn now. this is gonna be big i can see it now
black911  +   1297d ago
Just buy them used from the store or sites like ebay for like $1 on a used ps2 that you can find for $20.
KingOptimusOrigin111  +   1297d ago
It was cheaper.
xursz  +   1297d ago
And easier to work with from what I understand.
Dlacy13g  +   1297d ago
The main reason they went Gaikai vs Onlive is three fold in my opinion: 1) the basic business models are different. Onlive is basically a full fledged competitor / console. Where as Gaikai is more of an application that is integrated into an existing system. Gaikai will be far easier for Sony to integrate. 2) Sony will look to continue to monetize Gaikai on the b2b front and again see it as an easier integration of a business unit that is generating revenue. 3) The cost to buy and integrate far cheaper.
IHateYouFanboys  +   1297d ago
they chose Gaikai because OnLive wasnt for sale, and they couldnt afford it even if it was.

Gaikai was for sale and wanted $500mil+. they sold for $380mil, which shows that they werent in a very good position, and sony took advantage of that (and i dont mean that in a bad light for sony, its good business).

also, the fact that Gaikai doesnt have a physical product that users have to buy like OnLive does means that it would be much easier to integrate into another system like PSN or Xbox Live.
Dlacy13g  +   1296d ago
I agree with you but one point of clarification... Onlive does "NOT" require a physical product. You can install Onlive to any PC. Onlive has a "console" dongle that you can buy that allows you to just hook up your TV to Onlive with out a PC...but you absolutely can run Onlive from existing hardware.
The_Infected  +   1297d ago
This was the most important part to me from the article was this.

"According to Perry Gaikai also built the fastest network, has the highest quality servers, the highest quality compression, and can deliver higher quality images and sound fidelity than the competition, making it the best Cloud gaming prospect on a technical level."
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Dlacy13g  +   1296d ago
To be fair, what did you expect him to say? I mean, it's not like he would ever say: "We made a good system that is not quite as a robust offering that has very minimal customer UI interface, or social back end."

Of course Perry would say theirs was the best, but if it really was the best...why did they settle for less than they were asking for? Certainly Gaikai was worth $500 million... or was it?
ginsunuva  +   1297d ago
Nvidia Geforce Grid. Nuff said.
ame22  +   1296d ago
Why leave out competition? Cloud gaming is inevitable. They should of bought out both.

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