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Halo comes to CryEngine 3 with Crysis 2 'Venerance' Total Conversion

DSOGaming writes: "Venerance might be one of the most promising mods for Crysis 2. Venerance: Sigma Octanus IV is a game modification that takes place in the extended Halo universe fiction, mainly using the development tools provided by CryTek via their CryEngine 3 Software Developers Kit. The story that will be experienced in the mod can be found in Eric Nylund’s “The Fall of Reach” starting with the first page of Chapter 19 and ending with the last page of Chapter Twenty-Two." (Cryengine 3, Crysis 2, Halo, PC)

givemeshelter  +   1222d ago
That could be cool
ATi_Elite  +   1222d ago
Well looks like I will get a proper Halo game on my PC after all.

I'm gonna toss them a donation cause this Mod sounds very very cool!

$100 dollars that Venerance comes out before Black Mesa!
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WeskerChildReborned  +   1222d ago
Wow thats awesome.
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eliteslaya13  +   1222d ago
Mother of god.
Gorbenshore  +   1222d ago
This is really interesting
FarCryLover182  +   1222d ago
This better actually see the light of day.
thezeldadoth  +   1222d ago
would be great but these things never work out.
tachy0n  +   1222d ago
LOL take a look at GTA IV San Andreas HD it worked out nicely, this can too!
john2  +   1222d ago
What he meant was that it's too big of a project, therefore it might not see the light of day (like some other mods). Or at least that's what I thought he meant :P
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thezeldadoth  +   1222d ago
I understand great mods have been released in the past. I'm not trying to be negative its just that a large majority of these awesome ideas never release past alpha. I'd love to see this come out.
lorcraven  +   1222d ago
Yeah it is common for people to give up in the early stages when making this full game size mods, here's hoping though.
Th3 Chr0nic  +   1222d ago
here is their website check it out to stay up to date http://venerance.net/
HaMM4R  +   1222d ago
You guys should check out halo galaxy of combat, its a fan made halo game made in cryengine, its still in really early stages though so ya

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