Video Game Warzone #167 - STFUandPlay

Robert Bowling Robotoki
BF3 Armored kill
Forza weather affects day/night
Dead Or Alive 5
Final Fantasy Versus
Game Genie
Metacritic Ruining The Industry

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PoSTedUP2310d ago

haha the warzone thats whats up, been a while but glad to see you guys kicking it together. hope all is well. will listen to this tomorrow.

Skip_Bayless2310d ago

Wow one of my favorite podcasts is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jak272310d ago

its been here @Skip_Bayless go there

Persistantthug2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Torrence Davis should publish more info more often.

Glad to have the Warzone back. :)