All 10 New Halo 4 Weapons Revealed

All 10 new weapons being added to Halo 4 have now been revealed (either officially or by investigative fans).

Take a look!

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robavila951972d ago

I hope that Railgun does make it into the game... Imagine all the fun custom games with that thing!

Balcrist1971d ago

yea, but it could easily be a non-multiplayer weapon like that Target Designator...

robavila951972d ago

It's refering to the weapon on the Spartan's leg.

Red951972d ago

Derp. Now I see it. Looks like another sidearm possibly?

Cerberus291972d ago

I'm interested to see how all these promethean weapons differ from the human and covie weapons

Balcrist1971d ago

Why is everyone calling them Promethean.... I thought these were forerunner, or is that term just outdated because of 343?

robavila951968d ago

They are called like that.