Fallout 3: CVG Preview - 'It's that bloody good'

CVG writes: "Following up the astounding Oblivion is going to be hard work for the Bethesda Softworks crew, but after getting our hands on Fallout 3 we're convinced that the dev's science fiction fuelled follow-up and third in the seminal series is going to blow Oblivion clear out of the water. It's that bloody good."

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Nicosia3682d ago

MK Red had something :) This game moved up my list of games i wanna play for 2008.

MK_Red3682d ago

Glad to hear :)
"2008's game of the year?" Hopefully.

Gamingisfornerds3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

Though if GTA IV turns out to be what I hope for, it will probably have to settle for 2nd place. ;)

But yeah, bring it on Bethesda!

SolidSnake933681d ago

Why are so many good games releasing in 08?

Captain Tuttle3682d ago

It's "Pip boy", not "Pit boy"

MK_Red3682d ago

Good catch.
Hopefully it's CVG/PSW's error/typo and not Bethesda's.

Ridrick3682d ago

Yeah, its Pip Boy.

Could be worse, ie Pimp Boy. LOL

Genki3682d ago

but I hope it's not too much like Obliv.

I loved Obliv, but I"m not looking for it in a different coat of paint. While I admittedly haven't played the other Fallout games, I know that they're a pretty far cry from this latest installment(besides the new devs).

Either way though, Bethesda knows what the hell they're doing, so I'm looking forward to a very deep and engrossing experience.

CNIVEK3682d ago

I noticed you insisted on abbreviating Oblivion, while typing out everything else. Is there a reason for this, or just a strange quirk of yours. Oddly enough, most people refer to Bethesda Softworks as simply "Beth". I'm not busting balls, mind you....just curious. :/

Genki3682d ago

Just personal preference, really. There's no particularly profound reason, I call it "Obliv" around those who know what I'm talking about usually.

Similar to Starcraft. Around vets and others that play, we call Zerglings "lings", Hydralisks "hydras", Marines "rines", Zealots "Zlots", and so on.

Not something I give too much thought, I just do it.

MK_Red3682d ago

"Either way though, Bethesda knows what the hell they're doing"
I hope so because if they screw up Fallout 3 or make it anything less than a grand RPG worthy of it's name, I'll personally nuke Beth offices or will usethe Slayer perk and turn them all to bloody pulp by my bare hands.

TheXgamerLive3682d ago

It's about time I befriended some mutants:))

I think it's going to be an awesome play, Bethesda puts a hell of a lot of work into there titles.

Fallot 3 may actually cause me to go and get a few booster shots, HA HA !!

MK_Red3682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

I REALLY hope they remove the 20 level cap. I hate level caps. In Fallout 2 I could level up to 99 and continue.

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The story is too old to be commented.