Burnout Paradise: Planet Xbox Review - 'modeled beautifully'

Burnout Paradise offers a massive variety of events and challenges to be mastered. There are also well over 1,000 challenges and collectables to be taken up. By pressing two shoulder buttons, the gamer immediately enters Showtime in which the objective is to bounce your car down the street wreaking as much havoc as possible. Even if you're playing offline, you'll see in real time when your friends have beaten a Road Rules time or score. That's your cue to head to that street to outdo your friend's best effort and prove what a nuisance you can be.

If you're one of those gamers that believes graphics make or break a game, you won't be disappointed with Criterion's efforts. Paradise City is modeled beautifully with a fantastic variety of buildings and features that are nothing short of impressive.The audio portion of the game does not disappoint either, with fantastic sound effects and a great playlist. The soundtrack is huge with 70 tunes, 40 of which are songs or artists you may recognize, with the balance being great video game fodder crafted by Criterion.

Paradise breaks the mold of its previous franchise games, and pulls it off in a big way. Its rare that a developer can make large scale changes and still put out a winning product. If you're a fan of the Burnout series or of arcade racers, Paradise City should be your next gaming destination.

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