IGN Nintendo's Most Anticipated Games of 2008

IGN Writes: Wii's first year was astonishingly strong, and as we move from 2007 to 2008 it's hard to imagine Nintendo keeping quite as much momentum as a full year of sold out systems and AAA titles did. Still, there's a ton already on the plate for both Wii and its handheld companion, and as such the IGN Nintendo Team has grouped together and shown off our initial top ten titles titles for 2008.

Listed below are each editor's personal picks, taken from both Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS. Later this year we'll revisit these picks, and see what changed, and what stayed the same. We encourage you to check out our list, leave your comments in our article feedback area below, and get posting on forums and blogs with your own Top 10 Picks of 2008.

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wiizy3824d ago

smash bros , mario kart, wii fit are going to sell through the roof... 2008 is going to be an amazing one for the wii.. add great third party game and it may prove to be the end of the console war..

KDash3824d ago

good games to sell consoles. It's a mystery for coregamers like me.

I was a big Nintendo-fan once (NES, SNES, N64, Cube). But i'm so damn dissapointed of Nintendo and their kiddie-console Wii...

Zhak3823d ago

hahahahaahahahhaha a list full of games seen before ^^ Nintendo are laughing at u wii owners, this is just pathetic remakes of old gamecube games, ohh forgot they added in a bit of incompetent Motion, thats completely useless, dosnt work most of the time, and r only fun for small retardet children..

This is the most boring list ever shown, 08 is gonna prove the fact that the wii was a failure.. and the $Playstation3System$the greatest succes Sony has ever made


Zhik3823d ago

This list only covers the first half of 2008, after E3 all will be surprised to see whats on the horizon, I mean:
Starfox Wii
Kid Icarus (with incredibly graphics thanks to factor 5)
Resident Evil 5
Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles 2
Medal of Honor Heroes 3
Pikmin 3
Unknown Infinity Ward Project
Zelda Nex-Gen

8 Ultimatie titles that each on it's own can crush anything that sony/microsoft has to offer..

ChickeyCantor3823d ago

how is nintendo laughing @ wii-ownsers.
i dont get your logic, so what -if- they remake, people seem to enjoy whats the problem?

so far i havnt seen anything special on the 360 nor PS3...except for Starwars: force unleashed...but thats pretty much it.

so you are playing games that are remade from OLDER concepts.
dont fool yourself, get real.

Zhak3823d ago

This is no match for mighty Sony's triple A gold titles, lets take them from an end:
(Starfox, Kid Icarus, Pikmin): Which self-respecting adult would acually sid down and even consider playing these childish boring games, "(with incredibly graphics thanks to factor 5)" Have u even seen a $Playstation3System$ game? cuz once u've played a game on the gold system, you will NEWER be able to say a wii game has even descent grafix.. its like playing past-gen $Playstation2System$ only, it dosnt have a DVD-player (ROFL)

(Resident Evil5, Resident Evil umbrella): Resident Evil5 isnt even confirmet for wii? LOL and if its finally comes out on it, its gonna blow big time.. Worse AI, Fewer Enemys, the special lighting effect capcom is talking about will be gone, with the amazing grafix.. left will be an anoying motion steering, thats completely useless. and UC2? who the hell wanna play an arcade game LOL..

(MoH:H3, Infinity ward) The Infinity Ward wii projekt is a rumor, that btw, will newer come true..(They r working on COD6.. which btw, wont come out on wii) and MoH:H3.. .. yea knowing EA it will be out in late 08, and be EXACTLY like MoH:H2 .. a Failure

(Zelda) Nex-gen ? maybe you didnt hear Nintendo was planning making it with anime grafix again.. sooooo its gonna suuuuuuuuuuuck 2 ^^


Zhik3823d ago

once again you sounds like a fandroid trying to convince himself that he is defending the right console... but i can easily put your mind at rest you ARE defending the wrong console (just look at the superior wii sales rofl)

Starfox and Pikmin will appeal to the younger wii base and deliver a true nex-gen experince for them. In 4 or 5 years they will move over to the hardcore audience where they will be met by impressive adult titles like Manhunt 2, No More Heroes, Scarface The World is Yours, RE4, RE UC, The Godfather, Alone in the Dark 5 etc.

Theese 2 titles will crush sony's Ratchet and Clank...

Then we have Kid Icarus, a mix of adult content and broader content. It will match Metroid Prime 3 in terms of theme and appeal (consider this as a 12+) This title will deliver solid wii graphics and never seen-before flight controls.

RE5 will come for the wii, just look at the sales for RE games on wii:
RE4: 1,3 mio
RE UC: 0,9 mio

With superior controls this game will leave the poor ps3/gaybox boys in the dust with some PS2 x 1.1 graphics.

Umbrella Chronicles 2 will deliver a true fan service revealing several secrets behind RE4 and RE2, and probably some cool pictures of Ada Wong naked. But in the end it will feature a non-matched control scheme powered by the Brando Blaster and the Wii Zapper. Periphels that only the wii support.

MoH Heroes 3 will feature headset support and a online experience that will crush anything seen on the ps3. Add in a true fps control scheme (the best ever seen) that the sony boys can only dream of.

the nex-gen zelda game may feature WW graphics but in the end it will crush the PS3 offerings thanks to the best development team in the world.

The Wii king Zhik has spoken.

BrotherNick3821d ago

I think someone is a little schizophrenic >.> zhak and zhik.

Cyrus3653823d ago

Nintendo doesn't need a killer lineup to move Wii's, it's priced to move, and still in heavy demand, I think wii fit will the be their "killer game".

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