Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 rumor roundup

There have been lots of rumors and speculation to come across the Internet ovr the past five months so here is a small summary of all the speculative tidbits to surface.

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Psycho_PS3Truthh1973d ago

Cannot wait for the official announcement of his majesty playstation the 4th next year. While I am waiting I will continue to support the PS3 with all the great games so far on it.

ha2e481972d ago

Cool story bro, needs more within society jargon

stiggs1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

You do know that game systems are just hunks of plastic and silicon...right?

remanutd551972d ago

man i'm dying to know what ps4 will be all about, i guess i have to wait till next year's E3, hopefully EVO brings my favorite ps3 franchise to the ps4, NEXT GEN LUNATICS UNITE!!!!

BitbyDeath1972d ago

I'm lookin forward to hearing both announcements. (PS4/Xbox8)
Hope we get a peek at the new OS's as well.

NastyLeftHook01972d ago

i hope gt6 is a ps4 launch title.

WeskerChildReborned1972d ago

And MGS5 if it's still a Playstation exclusive but it could be multiplatform now.

ha2e481972d ago

Yeah wtf is up with that? Gt6? All stars battle royal PlayStation fighters 2 up in hur!

GuyThatPlaysGames1972d ago

Well GT5 was supposed to be a launch title but look, 5 years later it finally comes out. Plus, outta all the games, the best game you hope for at launch is Gran Turismo?? A terrible racing "sim" is what GT is. I have both systems and I must say that Forza kicks GT's ass all day and night!

IRetrouk1972d ago

Go spout your bs somewhere else, gt is and always will be unbeatable, forza is excellent and I love it, but gt is just that much better

NastyLeftHook01972d ago

i hope it is so there will be no compromises.

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