Alleged Viral Blog of Alan Wake 2, may have shown parts of the game's storyline with a new update

The allegedly viral blog for the next game Alan Wake series has a new update today, which could be confirmed even on the Alan Wake 2 and also some parts of its plot.

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Frankfurt1831d ago (Edited 1831d ago )

Nothing "alleged" about it. Sam Lake has quoted the blog before.

WeskerChildReborned1831d ago

That would be great if they announce Alan Wake 2.

ChunkyLover531831d ago

Going to be announced as an Xbox 720 launch game in my opinion. Cannot wait until next years E3, maybe it will get the terrible taste out of my mouth from this past E3 (Aside from Ubisoft).

southernbanana1831d ago

Patiently waiting for Alan Wake 2......

mynameisEvil1831d ago

Despite the seemingly poor PC optimization (I have a high-end PC, yet can't hit 60 frames on medium settings?), the game was very much a good game. I'd love to see a sequel.

Treian1831d ago

You have to use custom options. Turn SSAO on low, the AA down to x4, and shadows to medium. Everything else is on max for me. I get anywhere from 30-60 fps. Most of the time I get 45 fps.

mynameisEvil1831d ago

Yeah, I did that. And you also helped me prove my point. There's no reason that I should get anything less than 60 with the computer I have. Just sayin'.

Treian1831d ago

what video card do you have? I have a gtx 550 ti.

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