Spong: The Amazing Spider-Man Review

Spong: There's a moment in The Amazing Spider-Man (the film – and this isn't really a spoiler if you've seen the trailer) in which you first see his powers in action for the first time.

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Pintheshadows2334d ago

I enjoyed this game but it's a shame that it didn't have more time in development for some polishing and refinement. I think if it had it could of been the best Spiderman game in ages.

And this review is right. Something is just a little off with the combat so unlike Arkham Asylum it feels like you're never quite in control.

fastNslowww2334d ago

Yes, the lack of quality and PROPER animations to satisfy the player with combat, it doesn't help either when the game is heavily dependent on button mashing combo's which feels like it plays itself. Combine that with you webbing clouds to move across the city, which simply implies a rush job. The game also IMO, moves too fast with little weight to anything, automatic webb swinging is another annoying mechanic, instead of manually having to swing across, Being able to HOLD onto one web shot when attached gave the player more control. etc (spiderman 2)

Pintheshadows2334d ago

Yeah, there's no real feedback during combat so I found myself button smashing rather than mashing.

And you're right about webswinging as well although it is fun, even though you appear to be swinging on clouds sometimes.

I hope Beenox builds on what they've done with this game as I do think they're on the right track but I think they need 2 years to nail it. And that's when the next film is due so fingers crossed.

WeskerChildReborned2334d ago

Fun game IMO, i think it deserves a 7.5.