Sony Fails to Adopt Lesson Learned from Microsoft

"Sony's revision of the PlayStation 3 deemed PS3 4000/PS3 Super Slim is less than a month away from its anticipated announcement during gamescom 2012. With the FCC clearly uncovering three new models with storage skus including 16GB, 250GB, and 500GB, I am disturbed by the fact Sony would even consider placing a console on retail shelves with less storage space than what was included with the launch units almost six years ago."

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Morrigan-Aensland1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

The 16gb ps3 will be for people who wants a cheap ps3 and the ps3 HDD is so easy and cheap to upgrade.

I can't wait to buy the slim 500gb ps3 first day

Amazingmrbrock1857d ago

I'd get a 16 gb. I'm pretty sure it would be cheaper to get one of those and buy my own 2.5 inch sata drive at 500+ gb and swap it in.

gaffyh1857d ago

The lesson Sony learned from Microsoft, which they ADOPTED, was that a LOT of consumers buy the cheapest option and think about the ramifications later. One of the reason why the 360 can be so much cheaper than the PS3 is because MS offers a SKU without a hard drive. Sony has learnt from MS, and decided to offer their own similar SKU.

However, they have also improved upon MS' offer, and will most likely allow you to upgrade your HDD to any HDD on the market, rather than a proprietary one. So this 16GB SKU could be even better than most of us think, and could cause many current PS3 owners to upgrade.

Sales is what matter, and if a 16GB unit boosts sales, then that is exactly what they should do.

Machioto1857d ago

Or their console is coming closer to its life cycle and they are transitioning to next gen by focusing my on the family and sprinkling core title in between casual games.

BrutallyBlunt1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

Sales do matter and so does sustaining profitablity. If this can reduce costs even more and get the Playstation 3 under that magic number of $200 then this could be a good thing.

One issue to me though, and it relates to an older model, is the discontinued 20GB system we saw at launch. Apparently that was one of the reasons Metal Gear Solid 4 installs the way it does. So i'm still not convinced this new Playstation 3 is even accurate or that it will only have a 16GB hard-drive. I think DC Universe would eat that up right away.

As Sony moves forward to offering more Playstation 3 games through the network i just don't see this happening. Those free games i got for being a Plus member took up a lot of space, much more than 16GB.

I think this kind of backfires on the whole notion of BLURAY and it's need over DVD. By offering a 16GB model you're essentially marketing against BLURAY being a requirement for games. Also quite a few games now require installs and some are well over 4GB.

Amazingmrbrock1857d ago

I know from a tech sense the end of this generation is needed desperately, but from a purely business oriented way of looking. This gen is just about to get going for sony.

If you look at the ps2's life cycle, and the 360's life cycle, and well pretty much every successful console life cycle of the past two decades. The bulk of all console sales happen when it falls below $200. The ps3 isn't quite there yet, the xbox is kinda there with it's arcade. Thats where they get the casual audience and the teenagers that just started working.

This is also part of why the 3ds didn't do so well after launch and is doing quite well now. It's largely the games but price always plays a factor. This also then largely why the vita is doing so poorly, sony hasn't come through with a price cut to save it yet. They might running up to christmas but if they don't they definitely will in the new year.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )


you sound like a pc gamer. Build your own ps3 noob!

aGameDeveloper1857d ago

If I needed a new PS3, I'd probably buy the 16 GB unit and put an SSD in it.

MAiKU1857d ago

This article is so full of stupidity. It's all opinion but one would think someone who is upset over the data capacity of the 16GB model would just assume to go for the other models.

Not only that but you could possible buy a discount HDD and put that into the cheaper 16GB model.

Why even mention the frustration of developers? They aren't frustrated, it's not like its going to force them to release digital content with less data, if people run out of data they will replace the hdd with a bigger drive.

I think people should research before creating articles so they don't produce something with so little insight.

inveni01857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

Think of it this way: if your PS3 dies out of warranty, you can get the 16Gb model, swap in your old hard drive, and be cruising without missing a beat.

That's assuming that the 16Gb is upgradable.

Also, you have to assume that Gaikai will be a part of the games we buy from PSN...making the 16GB model suffice.

sikbeta1857d ago

Eh... yeah, what gaffyh said, cheaper console = insta-buy, people don't read about specs or sh*t like that, IF they actually need something, they'll buy later :P

It'd be hilarious IF the 16GB model comes with a 3 Months PS+ Voucher, so many games to download, so little space lol

NotSoSilentBob1857d ago


Actually you can't even do that now. Sony requires that all HDD inserted to a PS3 are formatted for that Specific PS3.

I think it is a data entry error and its meant to be 160 gig. If it is 16gig Sony might have a new way or streaming games instead of full installs.

nukeitall1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

In my opinion, it is kind of too late to be downgrading your console. However, it all depends on the price point.

As it stands, the average selling price of an Xbox 360 is already higher than a PS3 which indicates the price isn't the issue anymore.

Anyways, I'm never one to dismiss another option which is good for gamers. It just seems odd to keep downgrading your console over it's lifecycle, while the competition upgrades it.

I'm assuming the 16GB is flash memory as a mechanical drive would be very cost in-efficient.

zeeshan1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

@nukeitall: You are an idiot and a pathetic troll!

The average purchase price of PS3 has ALWAYS been higher than 360. Always was and probably always will.

I am talking about console price only and not the price that includes headsets, gold membership, batter chargers, hard drives etc...

kreate1857d ago

even if i get a 16gb for whatever reason (prob the price point). i have a few 2.5 harddrives lying around in the size of 320-500.

i kinda assume this is the case with most gamers. even microsoft fanboys have a few copies of windows and pc components lying around somewhere.

but i still kind of doubt a 199 price point will do a whole lot. it needs to be priced at 169.99 for the 16gb. this is in the case of North American market of course. cuz u know... they're cheap.

miyamoto1857d ago

but these are just rumors. nothing has been confirmed officially.

HammadTheBeast1857d ago

@Machioto How dare you say something like that. You disgust me. :p

badz1491857d ago

this 16GB thing is actually true? not the typo of 160GB? this doesn't make any sense!

ThanatosDMC1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

500gb is $59.99 on newegg

Also, no way it's 16gb.

SilentNegotiator1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

At least they aren't destroying what they built by having HDDs be standard in all ps3s.

The generation is winding down. The Wii lost wifi. The 360 got a 4GB and NO GB model. The ps3 got a small HDD model. Everyone is making sure that they reach the people that they haven't yet.

1857d ago
MrBeatdown1857d ago

320GB PS3 - $299

Bust out the calculator.

1857d ago
Blacksand11857d ago

No $200 to $300 for a system. On Amazon I paid $40 to $70 for a 500gb and swap my 60gb out. Its cheap and easy to do.

nukeitall1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

To all the people above not knowing what "average selling price" means, when people say it:

It isn't the average price of the console offerings. It is the average price a consumer pays for the console.

Keep in mind that gamesindustry reports only 20% of MS sales comes from the lower end model:

Which means it is heavily favoring higher end and bundled models.


I just gave you proof, I dare you to do the same with REAL sources!

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hellvaguy1857d ago

Why doesn't Sony just make a model with no hard drive and charge like $20-40 less? Seems like that would make more sense.

Dark_king1857d ago

Because they have to sell a working ps3 no hard drive means it cant work at all.

Red_Orange_Juice1857d ago

16gig version is primaly for:
1) those who will swap it with huge one for cheap
2) those who play EyePet, WOnderBook, Move, and bundles, etc

jsut cos there is 16gig version doesnbt mean you're forced to buy it, look closer there is 500GB version,
thats just looking for problems when there are none

Red_Orange_Juice1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

I havent been on n4g I dont know for 12-18 months maybe, but I remember your news from like 2 yrs ago, your website didnt took off and it wont, give it a break, especially with that video cast

also it just got to me... WHAT HAPPENED TO gangsta dude with the belt??

IRetrouk1857d ago

Hip hop gamer got trolled hard on here, banned and all sorts, never really understood why, alot of his info was on the money, he's working for another website now though, can't remember which one

-Alpha1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

I still think it's a typo, but even if it isn't, your logic makes sense: lots of casual gamers and gamers in general who may not own a PS3 and may want to get one. It's the end of the generation, no use offering just huge GB HDD PS3s when most casuals are going to wind down and wont dedicate enough time for a PS3 at this point in time. That said, if it is 16 GB, I think offering a 40 GB model would have been better. 16 GB is such an odd number, I can't help but think it is a typo.

I think Sony should have offered this a lot sooner, it worked for MS and there is much more accessibility for the PS3 HDD in case anybody wants to upgrade anyway

dennett3161857d ago

What happens if someone buys a 16gig machine to play casual games, then wants to expand their horizons and try a game with a mandatory install? Then another, then another. Ooops, drive full. Or what happens if they want PS+ after hearing about the amount of free games you get? It can be worked around, but it's an enormous hassle of downloading a title and deleting it straight away just so you've claimed it...then move to the next game you want and repeat. That's not intuitive for the casual user that some claim a 16gig version will target.

I personally think it was a typo, 16gig in this day and age is simply not enough when you have some games that must install. 160, 250 and 500 seems a more natural product range than jumping from 16 to 250.

Ju1857d ago

If true the 16GB is flash memory for sure to cut cost - especially in the light of the WiiU launch. It might have an impact for developers. I can imagine with this comes the requirement to make installs optional. Most games don't really need installs; the best ones these days don't and run better than the ones which do (Sony might have had this nailed down in its developer program by now).

OTOH Sony might just sell "add-on" HDDs through brick and mortar stores. Additional money with (overpriced? and branded?) Sony HDDs. And still, the option to go with the bigger versions or just stick a cheapo HDD in will simply solve the problem.

This is all about having the lowest entry barrier you can get: lowest possible price point.

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Thatguy-3101857d ago

That's why ppl should do research before buying ANY product. In fact IMO i think that's one thing microsoft benefit from there 4gb and lower price point. It fools ppl and yes its messed up but at the end of the day its up to the consumer to do research before buying.

Jazz41081857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

The reason it works for m is the hard drive is not required to play games. You can take any game insert the disc and play it. That is next to impossible with ps3 as it has partial game installs that eat up space for every game you own. Then the monthly firmware updates. This is a stupid idea and I wil make sure I warn customers at my game shop ifthey do this that they will need a larger storage medium for the ps3 to work properly and whole lot of time to install all those updates. Casual game players are all about covienece and the ps3 is far from that. They will not pu up with buries settings, sub menus, mandatory firmware and game installs as it will be overwhelming to most casuals and the ps3 is not for them that I can promise. The 360 is easy to use and they have a hard time with it sometimes and the ps3 would become a nightmare to them. I would like someoneto research how much time th average ps3 owner spends installing games and firmware.

kikizoo1857d ago

stop your bullcraps jazzfanboytroll, you are always living in 2006, not us, gamers..