High-def DVD grows at faster pace than standard DVD

Susanne Ault of Video Business writes: High-definition DVD player sales during the fourth quarter spiked well above standard DVD at the comparable point in the earlier format's life cycle.

Price-driven promotions are the main reason for high-def's steeper growth curve, according to Paul Erickson, DisplaySearch director of DVD and HD Market Research.

Standard DVD players were priced more steadily during their first months on shelves, he explained, as they were never embroiled in a hyper-competitive format war.

"There is a much larger spike at the end of the year for next-generation DVD due to strong performances by both formats for November and December, as well as heavy competition-driven promotions for both Black Friday and the December holiday season," said Erickson.

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zambrota3742d ago

I expect Blu Ray to fully replace DVD in Japan this year

Last year the penetration rate was 20%!!!

yea guys 20%

i expect that to become 60% this year. Japanese are very tech savvy

In europe i expect the rate to be around 35-40% this year

in NA cant predict before the arrival of LOTR on Blu ray

bootsielon3742d ago

I want to know on what basis do you "expect", what models are you using nasim/larry007/shmee/tanod/zam brota?

I expect that playstation 3 will reach 25 million units sold next year. I reached that number through no models, but I guess I just expect it because I can.

gamesR4fun3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Anyone can take a guess even better if its a reasonable one. And thats without having some jerk like you spew off with a bs line like this.
"what models are you using nasim/larry007/shmee/tanod/zam brota?" Typical stupid troll cant use logic so what maake up accusations and then you start swearing below " 6.3 - Yeah, because you know better, don't you...
Sh1t stain?" why did someone call your bf on his bs too?
Your a real piece of work stupid ignorant angry get help m8.

Bubbles --
Reported Offensive
Ignore priceless

ps tell some of your other personas below to relax were not holding the plug for the hd dvd's life support system.

felman873742d ago

nice to see people embrace high definition players.

Cyrus3653742d ago

It shall be interesting to see if it grows at a faster rate, than it did with DVD's.

zambrota3742d ago

for instance one of my friends got a free BD player with the purchase of a 62" bravia from bestbuy,LA .

He was disappointed with DVD picture quality on big screen but when he played the BD discs he was almost stunned .

even a hair was visible on BD movies .

so penetration rate will de determined the HD TV uptake in NA

but again i expect BD to actually outpace DVD at the same timeframe in terms of penetration

ITR3741d ago

I'm sorry, but the BDPS3000 given away with any Sony promo just sucks balls especially when compared to what's already available from other manufacturers.
The only reason people don't bring it back is because it's free.
If you buy any BD player buy the new Panasonic.
Otherwise wait until BDLive hits this summer.

WilliamRLBaker3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Is this because of people embracing high def formats over dvds compared? no

Is this because of prices? no

Is this because its the year 2008 and people are much more into tech now? yes

Back when DVD first was released most people were no where NEAR as tech centric as today hell even 90 year old grandmas know what DVD's are in this day and age the attitude has changed and this is the only reason sales are much more then compared to the dvd's first days.

lol disagree with no reason because why? because what i say is a fact and they cannot prove it wrong, its fact becaue its common sense.

xhi43742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

oh thought it meant high-def dvd grows at a faster pace than standard DVD is currently growing, not original growth.

But yer I think itd be because of people being more aware and tech savy. Probably more to it, but that's all I can think of.

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The story is too old to be commented.