Hardware Review: Nintendo 3DS XL - BNBGAMING

Martin Watts goes hands-on with the super-sized 3DS XL. Is it the upgrade we’ve all been waiting for? Find out with his in-depth review.

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shaanmjoshi2275d ago

Sweet review. Might have to consider upgrading.

Jadedz2275d ago

The 3DS XL's screen size is apparently, as big as the Vita's (it isn't oled, but the Vita doesn't have a built-in 3D screen, either).

I'll probably buy 2-3 myself (1 for me, and maybe 1-2 for da fam :P).

mxkite2275d ago

Terrible device in general companies like nintendo hurt the handheld devices status, companies that do not change with times do this to the consoles markets. it s just time before smartphones and tablets eat this devices since they are becoming a niche.

Nintendo must change their startegie

live2play2275d ago

woa! look out louis ck we got a new comedian up in harr

Qrphe2275d ago

Im definitely getting it. Hopefully the 3D improves for my eyes since the current one is awful. Even if t isn't, it's not like I'd use it much anyway, just like the size of that screen.