Just Calm Down Call of Duty; You’re Too Loud

Charlie writes:

"Bang. Pew. Thwarp. Chrrrr. Those are the sounds that Call of Duty games seem to make now. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the recent games in the Call of Duty franchise is that they’re way too loud and crazy; heck I’d even go as far to say that Ghost Recon: Future Soldier had a better campaign than Modern Warfare 3 due to how calm it was in areas. If Activision wants to stop just some of the few haters of the franchise and get them on their side, they need to make the game a little less quiet."

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Them_Bones2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

You can't just tell something that has that much power to just calm down and expect them to.

Kran2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

You can try...

I mean...

It's a start at least. Most people who hate on Call of Duty just post a comment and go: That sucks. Hate call of duty.

If people made an effort, like did something really inspiring, like a boycott or something, then maybe we'd get somewhere. But nobody is brave enough to do that.

So we uh... stick to articles and comments :)


What I mean is, would you literally be brave enough to do something like, i dunno, a protest outside of Activision? Would you be brave enough to get a whole group of say, like 1000 and accept the consequence if any? God I wish someone would do that :P

Them_Bones2312d ago

Nobody is brave enough? dafuq...
There are millions of CoD haters but they are far outnumbered by the fans.
It's not that they aren't brave enough to say no it's that nobody will listen to them so they don't bother.
To the public this whole CoD rebellion thing is like making a mountain out of a molehill, gamers will just be looked at even worse than we already are.

Them_Bones2312d ago

@ your edit:
Would I be brave enough? no I just couldn't give a f*ck, protests are a waste of time.
Activision are simply doing what any other developer would do in their situation.
Besides they aren't breaking any laws so what would be our standing point during a protest? Exactly.

mewhy322311d ago

Well I am a huge fan of of Black Ops. It's a great game with huge fan support and stellar online combat. I really don't understand why all the hate is piled upon Call of Duty games? They're great at what they do and what they do is incredible fun and competitive.

CarlosX3602311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

"Just calm down, Call of Duty?" Really? REALLY? That's the best article you can come up with? REALLY?

I like my sounds loud, thank you! Complain about something else, writer!

Kran2311d ago

I complain about a lot tbh.

Have you not read my other articles? lol

If i were to go "End Call of Duty" who would give a damn? It'd be down as another flamebait article.

Pieface082312d ago

How bout stop giving COD gamers the same shit every year... make something worth while now...

PoSTedUP2312d ago

yeah sure make a perfect FPS that sells outstanding units and then change it for a couple of internet addicted forum haters...

AngelicIceDiamond2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

Cod is loud, but I'm still not listening.

This is how it goes, there's allot of people who hate cod right? Or do they?

All these writers and journalists post stuff about how "I hate cod" I'm not playing cod" and "this is going to be the worst cod yet."

Every year, every single year since MW2 and on blogs and comment sections say "I'm with you" "Not buying cod either" "Hate cod" so on and so forth.

Its funny because its a large body of people who say that, but out of all of those people who actually claims that? Those so call naysers are fake haters. True out of say 1000 maybe 100 of those people don't pick it up, probably even less than that.

But with the release of MW3 last year. The reviewers finally manned up, and gave cod the score of a real tired, none inspiring, none innovative franchise should get. MW3 is the lowest rated cod game yet and is selling less than B Ops that late following year. So people are finally sticking to there word.

As far as B Ops 2 is concerned, Its taking place in a futuristic setting which automatically puts the game in a very interesting lime light for innovation.

iamlegend99992312d ago

The sounds is what makes cod epic sometimes and you get those oh shit moments

WeskerChildReborned2312d ago

So your problem with COD is that the gameplay is "too loud"? The thing i don't like that probably most people don't like is that the game feels the same ever since the success of COD4.

Kran2312d ago

Yes and no on it being my problem. The gameplay just relies on explosions, loud noises and destruction.

Every call of duty after CoD4 has just done that.

WeskerChildReborned2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

Well i never really complained about game being to loud. I only really complain if i'm disapointed in bigger things like if the game is the same thing over and over again or if it is a glitch fest.

CarlosX3602311d ago

If the gameplay is "too loud" for you, then play another game!

If sound is "too loud" for you, then play another game!

Simple! I like loud things, have been since Mortal Kombat, thank you!

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