Why Batman: Arkham City is better than Dark Knight Rises

Metro: I didn’t really like The Dark Knight Rises. Since Rotten Tomatoes has already had to shut down its comments system, after death threats against reviewers criticising the film, perhaps I’m being braver than I think by saying that. But I found its premise silly, its characters two-dimensional, and its tone drab and listless.

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Them_Bones2036d ago

Never seen the dark knight rises yet but my idiot friend spoiled the ending for me by accident.

archemides5182036d ago

then how to do you it is the actual ending lol

archemides5182036d ago

LOL I meant how do you know

ABizzel12036d ago


If you know anything about Batman, then you would know that the story wasn't right, and there was going to be a plot twist or an outcry from angry fans.

Not to mention we knew Batman was going to save the day. There's really no way to spoil a superhero movie, because you know they're going to save the day.

As far as the article I agree I enjoy AC, better than DKR, but it doesn't make DKR a bad movie. It was really good, but the focus was too much on Bruce overcoming challenges rather than Batman overcoming villains which made it 90% story and 10% action. And for a nearly 3 hour long movie, that's not a good balance. It's still a good movie through.

MaxXAttaxX2036d ago

I could also argue about the villains/boss in Arkham City as a point against it....

Biggest2036d ago

I wonder why articles like this never address the more pressing question.

Why does it matter which one is better?

Ask your guys to answer that, Pozzle.

antz11042035d ago

Wow, complete fail of an article.

I really don't agree with any of his points, especially since you can't make an honest comparison if the first sentence is "I really didn't like TDKR."

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Nimblest-Assassin2036d ago

Its an inception ending... there are 2 ways you can look at it

I completely disagree with this guys arguement though... AC comes no where close to rises

Simply due to the plot, and the fact that many characters in the game were ridiculously underused, and were not fleshed out very well

dead_eye2036d ago

?? There was only 1 way to look at the ending. it was pretty straight forward. You can try and look harder but there's nothing else there.

LtSkittles2036d ago

No it's not. Inception's ending was ambugious, TDKR's was straightforward.

morganfell2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

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Nolan wanted to have his cake and eat it too. He found a way.

Nolan was being smart with his ending and he chose it for personal reasons. On one hand Nolan and Bale can say they are finished, done, and walk away clean. If people pester them they can always say the trilogy is the endpoint.

Remember, Selina always wears black, not blue (prison excepted). It's amazing what an old man can imagine.

On the other hand, Bale said if the script were right and Nolan directed he would be willing to do a fourth film. The ending also allows for this.

After all there is the autopilot patch and why would Alfred pick Selina. How much contact with her did he have?

Tokyo_reject2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

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@morganfell There is talk that Dark Knight Rises wasnt actually a Sequel....but actually a prequel to a possible Nightwing movie lol!!!! That would be siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. ...screw a Robbin movie lol!!!

Akiba962036d ago

i only agree in regards to what nolan made batman isnt true to batman. arkham city is what batman is and therefore better imo. arkham city is not the over realistic version nolan made. although that did help it become more accepted. dont get me wrong, i enjoyed nolans batman (except one). i just feel like its not true to comics batman

shysun2035d ago

SpoilerspoilerSpoiler!!!!' ''''''& #39;'''''&# 39;''''' 9;'''''' ;'''''' ''''''& #39;'''''&# 39;''''' 9;'''''' ;'''''' ''''''& #39;'''''&# 39;''''' 9;'''''' ;'''''' ''''''& #39;'''''&# 39;''''' 9;'''''' ;'''''' ''''''& #39;'''''&# 39;'' Spoiler!!!!!!

A mechanic tells Fox that the update for the Bat's Autopilot was fix 6 months ago by Bruce Wayne! Dont you guys listen!!

goldwyncq2035d ago

No it's not, there aren't any totems this time.

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WeskerChildReborned2036d ago

Wow that sucks bro, i haven't seen it either but i'll be seeing it when it comes out on DVD or On Demand.

brodychet2036d ago

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So since Morgan Freeman is Catwoman now, will there be a new movie on him?

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dead_eye2036d ago

I must have seen a different Dark knight rises.

Kran2036d ago

Because it's a video game meaning you get more depth, deeper story and get to explore more? Plus with optional content?

I aint saying the movie is dumb. It's not. But this kinda seems like an unfair analysis.

vyke32036d ago

True. The movie is 2 hours long while arkham city is like what? 15 hours maybe?

Akiba962036d ago

movie is closer to 3 and the game is like ten

HarvesterOSarow2036d ago

If you beat Arkham City in ten hours then you didn't really want to play it. My first playthrough, doing most of the extras, finding collectibles and upgrading things, took around 30 hours. Now I'm sure you can do all that in less, but 10 hours? Really?

And even though I think it's a bit unfair to compare two different types of media against each other, IMO as far as Batman goes, Arkham City is far superior to any individual film or even the trilogy as a whole.

Baka-akaB2036d ago

I disagree too , the game is a good game , but as a Batman adventure , ranked among the usual comics stuff , it hardy crack any of the top 10 batman plots .

People wouldnt be making any fuss about the comics version of the game . Hell DC got currently a comics version spinning out of the game , and it's not phenomenal .

What the movie trilogy proposes and what's happened right now in the regular batman comics is miles better

moeqawama2036d ago

Oh let the hipster make his silly case... I loved the game, but the movie was incredible. Very dumb comparison