Halo 4 Spartan Ops Gameplay: Full Mission

A full Spartan Ops gameplay video from Comic Con 2012 featuring the storm rifle, promethean knights, watchers, crawlers and jetpacking Elites.

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techrave2307d ago

The kid is abysmal at playing halo.

Patriots_Pride2307d ago

What are you like 25?

Stop picking on 8 year old kids.

AO1JMM2307d ago

Apparently is he the bestest at Uncharted. lol

robavila952307d ago

Didn't pay attention to what the guy in the video said eh?

MoreConsole2307d ago

It says in the video the kid playing is 8 years old.

Danniel12307d ago

We were all shit when we were 8, so maybe back off a little.

Hivemind2307d ago

Not all of us, some of us could complete the Halo games on legendary when we were 8. This kid was probably born playing CoD.

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Red952307d ago

Frankie's kids have dibs.

TotalSynthesisX2307d ago

Yeah, let's have a video of an M-rated game that actually requires skill and coordination to play. But wait, let's have a kid in elementary school play it. GENIUS.