17 Maxed Out Draw Distance in Video Games

GR - "This article takes a look at some of the most stunning views that games in this generation have to offer."

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techrave2217d ago

Arma II has the best draw distances for me. The DAYZ mod is the best and a lot of fun.

WeskerChildReborned2217d ago

Man i really wanna try DayZ but the problem is i don't got a PC good enough for gaming. Looks like it's time to save up for one though.

mewhy322216d ago

I'm still playing Just Cause 2 and just finished Batman Arkham City. Both are GREAT games.

thezeldadoth2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Just Cause 2 has to be the most impressive.

I love world of warcraft and it has an amazingly varied world, but they need to improve the draw distance. Everything else has went up like textures, physics, sunshafts, anti-aliasing but the draw distance is lagging.

Irishguy952217d ago

Meh, best Draw distance's are the ones with the best Detail at it's distance. Skyrim still loads in grass quite close to you, which breaks the immersion and sense of a good draw distance/ Imo.

attilayavuzer2217d ago

I get happy whenever I see JC2 get love...even though it did well, it still deserves more attention.

thezeldadoth2217d ago

hopefully it gets voted to go on sale today on steam

dragon_rocks2217d ago

Dark Souls has good draw distance as well. You can even see other levels from where you are since the entire world is interconnected.

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