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For players who experienced the advancements of later franchise entries, Pro Skater’s mechanics are a sizeable step back despite being one graphical nose flip forward.

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JRPGLuva2011d ago

Score seems a little harsh.

madmad2011d ago

$15 is a bit too much. Should be $10.

techrave2011d ago

I would buy it if it was $5 maybe.

WeskerChildReborned2011d ago

$10 would be an awesome price.

RaptorMan2011d ago

$20 if you want the DLC content. Like review said, you can buy the old TH games for less.

mediastudies2011d ago

I bit too much hating. Tony Hawk is still fun. Much better than a B-.

_Aarix_2011d ago

I kind of hath to agree what made tony hawk 2 and 3 that I loved simply wasn't there with this. I didn't like the feel of everything. What made the game amazing just isn't there, except the music.

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