Redbox Exec Joel Resnik Says Kiosk Game Rentals Help Drive Video Game Sales

Although more consumers are watching movies digitally these days through streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network, the majority of people still like to have a physical DVD – at least for rental. Redbox has capitalized on that need by installing kiosks across the country that offer the latest movies for rent for $1.20.

Last June, the company introduced video games to the mix at $2 a pop, allowing gamers to bypass the post office that other rental programs like Gamefly require. With kiosks set up at grocery stores, gas stations and other convenient locals, the automated machines have become a mainstay for people across the country. Joel Resnik, vice president of video games at Redbox, talks about the growing game rental business and how it’s actually helping the industry sell games in this exclusive interview.

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Neo Nugget2307d ago

They hardly have any variety there :<

AO1JMM2307d ago

There is never a game in those that I would rent.

sarshelyam2307d ago

Well, Joel, I stopped GameFly for Redbox because, initially, RB had new release games, day one, with no wait.

Now it seems RB has not only fallen behind on supporting new release titles day one, but also platform variety. Instead of carrying each new release on each platform, I'm subjected to only having the Wii version offered at any RB location. I mean really? The Wii version? Are you even watching the gaming landscape right now?

grahf2307d ago

Rented Dark Souls in the afternoon, ran out to buy it right before GameStop closed. I otherwise wouldn't have risked $60 on an unknown.