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"If you're into fast action packed games, Endless Ocean is definitely not your thing. The game is slow-paced and to get full enjoyment out of it you have to thoroughly explore each area. For those interested in something a bit different, you have a large variety of marine life to interact with, and there are several mysterious environments of the ocean to explore."

• Graphics: 7.0 - The ocean is full of life. Most creatures are well animated, and swim around realistically. On the deck however, things aren't as appealing and look a little rough.

• Sound: 7.0 - Calm songs by Hayley Westenra. It's the sort of thing you'll love or hate, but you can always listen to MP3s from your SD card.

• Gameplay: 7.5 - There are dozens of different areas to explore and a large amount of marine life to interact with. It's certainly different, but not for those who like their games fast paced and full of action.

• Lifespan: 8.0 - If you take your time exploring each area and revisit them to gather more information on each creature, the game can last for dozens of hours. Co-op play is also worth checking out.

• Overall: 7.5 - If you're looking for something that's different and is completely about exploration, then you'll enjoy what Endless Ocean has to offer.

[ Review by Joseph Rositano 26 Jan, 2008 ]

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