Was COD4 Really '07's Top Seller?

Activision said Friday that Call of Duty 4 was the top-selling game of 2007, with unit sales of 7 million. But Microsoft said earlier this year that Halo 3 sold 8.1 million 2007… so who was on top?

A press announcement made rounds Friday, coming out of Santa Monica, Calif.-based Activision. The publisher trumpeted how Call of Duty 4, released in November 2007, has sold 7 million units worldwide, which makes it the "#1 Title in Units Worldwide for Calendar 2007." Activision cites figures from NPD Group, GfK Group and Chart Track.

But you may recall that Microsoft announced in early January that September's Halo 3 had sold 8.1 million units worldwide. So that would appear to be the top-selling title of '07, according to Microsoft anyway.

So which one was the top-seller?

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Le-mo3857d ago

Halo3 might have more sales but COD 4 > Halo 3 IMO.

toughNAME3857d ago

in a few months when the next Call of Duty is released you'll forget all about COD4

Halo 3 will be played for years.

zambrota3857d ago

Halo 3 sold 230k in Canada and 4.8million in the states. There is no way Halo 3 would have sold 2 million units in Japan and europe --territories which dont like Halo 3.

Activision is giving the data from GFk,Npd that takes into account the units sold to consumers

MS/SONY/NINTENDO on the other hand reveals their shipment numbers.

Well you have COD4 at around 7 million and halo3 at around 6.1 million /6.5 million

godofthunder103856d ago

the reason that call of duty 4 is the best selling game is because it's on all consoles and they count the sells from all the consoles and combine them.
halo is the #1 selling game in history that's on only one console.but you have to admit that they are both damn good games and for some of the ps3 fans that say it sux is just bias and childish and if it was on the ps3 the same people would say it's a great game.all fanboys should admit the truth even if it's on the console they don't have.fanboys might as well face the truth,the 360 does somethings that's better then the ps3 and the ps3 does somethings that's better then the 360 and they both have exclusives games(they have only a few)that's better then the other systems and that's instead of acting childish ,everyone just need to be a game fan and admit the truth even if it's on the console you don't have.

urban bohemian3856d ago

I live in the UK and we are just as into Halo as the US. At my university there was a queue of people outside the post room waiting to pick up preordered copies of halo 3 on release day. A kid spent all his food money on a limited edition halo 3 xbox, it was a funny day. I think everyone of my friends with a 360 has Halo 3 and not quite as many have call of duty.

Halo 3 biggest selling xbox game - call of duty 4 biggest selling multiplatform game.

RecSpec3856d ago


Sorry to rain on your parade but Halo isn't even close, Tetris for the Game Boy has sold 33 million, 4 times as much as Halo 3.

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season0073857d ago

how many copies of those halo were sold in the US?

hmm, worldwide, this could be tricky...i mean worldwide......?

zambrota3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Halo 3 didnt sell 1.5m/2m in europe. MS would have released an official statement had that happened

Halo 3 sold around 5.1 million in North America but dont expect europe and japan to take up halo 3. The game doesnt sell over there.

Plus in europe lot of xboxes were actually traded in for ps3.

You can see the european software charts for proof.

pes,fifa,nfs all sold more on ps3 in europe

in 2008 expect all games to sell more on ps3 in europe

Odion3857d ago

man you make stupid comments that you try to pass off as fact

zambrota3857d ago

all those games i mentioned sold more on ps3 in europe --FACT

lots of xboxes were traded in for ps3s in GErmany,france,italy and spain (countries where ps3 have already surpassed xbx's lifetime totals) --FACT

x360rulezx3856d ago

A lot of people bought Halo 3 for the same reason as I did there wasn't sh!t else. Then Mass Effect turned out to be a disappointment so I kept it for a while and then traded them both for COD4

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toughNAME3857d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Pretty impressive that Halo can compete with a proven franchise which was released on 4 different platforms

EDIT - the first time I read your comment it didn't make sense, and I won't read it again until you show the great continent of Canada some respect and capitalize it!

Damphear3856d ago

all the people that bought halo 3 have every game that hits xbox.

let alone they only sale in north america and canada. other than that the crappy halo game sucks.

Legion3856d ago

If that was the case then every 360 game would be selling as much as Halo3... you are an idiot Damphear!

Le-mo3857d ago

I don't think Call of Duty 5 will be able to outshine COD 4 since Treyarch is developing 5 and we all know who the better developer is when it comes to COD.

cjp4eva3857d ago

@Le-mo AND its being taken back to WWII which is played out already.

toughNAME3857d ago

COD5 won't convert you...or zambrota

but the masses (i.e. 6.9 million)will easily make the switch

MailMan3857d ago

Homer or Marge?
Fox News or BBC?
Clinton or Obama?
Microsoft or Activision?

Halo 3 was a big DUD for Microsoft,they shipped roughly TWICE as many copies as they sold(4.2 million SOLD worldwide,8.1 million SHIPPED worldwide),HORRIBLE sales considering the popularity of the below AVERAGE game.

No wonder Robbie Bach is DUMPING his Xbox stock,a haha HA!

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND,Jan 28th=Xbots shivering in their boots.

xm15e2s3857d ago

"Who to TRUST,who to TRUST
Homer or Marge?
Fox News or BBC?
Clinton or Obama?
Microsoft or Activision?"


Fox News.


Don't know, don't really care.

derseb3856d ago

trust fox news..hahahahahaha

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