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Grand Theft Auto Lawsuit Settlement: You Get $35, Lawyers Get "One Million Dollars"

Gaming Steve writes, "Just in case you forgot in 2007 Rockstar Games proposed a settlement for a class action lawsuit concerning the infamous Hot Coffee modification. As a result any US citizen who was officially 'offended and upset" by the ability to unlock this hidden content can now claim up to $35 in compensation."

As Steve further investigated this class action lawsuit it turns out that the lawyers' representing this suit are standing to get "the amount of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000)" for their time and trouble. (Culture, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Industry, PC, PS2, Xbox)

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ASSASSYN 36o  +   2556d ago
Thats pimp.
spec_ops_comm  +   2556d ago
All class action lawsuits are such BS
I don't understand how class action lawsuits are legal:
1. If you don't choose to settle with the class action lawsuit, you will never be able to sue the defendant for the same reason again.
2. You don't have a say over lawyer's fees.
3. You have no guarantee of getting paid (I know someone who has been waiting over 2 years for a settlement cheque in a class action suit. The lawyers are no longer returning calls to any of the defendants)
4. The lawyers always make substantially more than those who have been wronged.

#4 is probably the most disturbing part. Class action lawsuits are just schemes devised by rich lawyers to make themselves even richer.
rogimusprime  +   2555d ago
there's nothing PIMP about BS frivolous lawsuits that only make games worse for us and put money in the pockets of idiot lawyers.

Don't fool yourself.
Jdash24  +   2556d ago
hmmm...$35 eh?
i think i was officially "offended and upset" :)
Snukadaman  +   2556d ago
You have too jump through several hoops...
one of them is that you need your original receipt....which ruins ANYONES chances at getting their 35$...i would be surprised if more then a thousand people even get their money...I still own the original copy.
xplosneer  +   2556d ago
It's Spongebob: "Come get your free money here!"
gamesR4fun  +   2556d ago
anyone have an extra coy of a gtaSA receipt they want to part with?
and is that 35 per person or copy:)
n4gTurnsU_WickedGay  +   2556d ago
it doesn't work that way
lets say the defendants in a class action law suit win a million dollars, if there are only 1000 defendants each person gets 100grand minus the lawyers fees.

so in this case, if you jumped in to the lawsuit the pay would drop below $35. although the lawyers would still make their million...it's a con.
Le-mo  +   2556d ago
Damn I should b a lawyer haha. One million bones for arguing. And yes I'm officially "offended". How do I get my $35??
ravinash  +   2556d ago
$1m = a lot of hot coffees.
Tyrael  +   2556d ago
So i get paid for access to a nice little glitch? badass
CNIVEK  +   2556d ago
Anyone who actually thought they'd get rich off of a lame class action lawsuit, is a moron. If you want to grab the BIG BUCK$, you'd better purchase some REAL "hot coffee", if you know what I mean. Though, I doubt McD's would fall for that again. :o
ravinash  +   2556d ago
Heres a good point.
The only way someone could get offended by the hot coffee thing is if the person purposely went about activating it.
I mean for starters, didn't you need to run a program first to unlock it?
So the only people who would have been offended would have been the people going out of their way because they wanted to be offended.
Is it the parents who are suppose to be getting offended?...what are they doing allowing their kids to play a game like GTA in the first place?
shysun  +   2556d ago
If any of you guys go through with this BS( I know you wont), you should be shot!
shysun  +   2556d ago
I'm sorry you "wussies" don't like sex! You know what don't play the damn game. Running over Prostitutes, chainsawing innocent bystanders and Killing cops is OK right? But if they add ragdoll sex then they've gone too far! You people make me sick! I hope you choke on the Mcdonalds meal, that the 35$ buys you hoes!
toaboa  +   2556d ago
And Rockstar got another one comming just around the corner
PSP version of Manhunt 2 can be modified to remove the execution filters that allowed a re-rating from AO to M - ROFL there goes another USD1M for Layers and another wad of dough for "offended" Manhunt 2 buyers.
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stonesnake  +   2556d ago
The best part...
My favorite part is when they mention, "This agreed upon amount includes approximately Forty-Five Thousands Dollars ($45,000) for costs and disbursements and approximately Nine Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Dollars ($955,000) for attorneys’ fees, a highly reasonable request and well within the range previously approved by this and other courts."

Yeah, because two million dollars would have been TOTALLY outrageous. But one million, that's TOTALLY fair.
The_Engineer  +   2556d ago
the legal profession is the new
priesthood, they shroud the law in mystery and words with double meanings that only they know the intent of. Truth is they needed to produce an injured party or in the case of a class action they would have had to gather signatures of people ACTUALLY injured by the actions of Rockstar.

If Rockstar had lawyers worth a damn they would DEMANDED that the plaintiff produce each and every injured party at trial. The dirty little secret is that there are subjects out there that NO ATTORNEY will touch because they will only hurt their own profession.
Coke-a-Cola  +   2556d ago
NO ONE is Getting My original copy .......even though I have not seen the code. I Love the fact that its there.
The public should pay extra for this copy . I wish this sort of Mini Game .......Came ......standard with all titles.
Horny  +   2556d ago
this is retarded, I actually just sold my copy a few weeks back and I keep the receipt in the game booklet, I dunno why I just always kept my games receipts in there and then forgot about them. Well I wouldnt have claimed the 35 anyway
JeepGamer  +   2556d ago
I'm Offended and Upset
I'm offended and upset that a group of lawyers got a million dollars, where do I file my claim against them?
andron666  +   2556d ago
It's typical...
Those who gains the most from all the lawsuits are the lawyers.

And this lawsuit was ridiculous anyway...
ReBurn  +   2556d ago
Bubbles for you.

Lawyers are the only ones to ever win class action lawsuits.
gta_cb  +   2555d ago
that really is Lawyers for you :(

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