Loving the Loathed - Metroid: Other M

Since the early days of the internet, critics have passed on snarky words of detriment towards numerous video games. Some have received more hate than others, and are reflected on as infamous flops. This is primarily because games have become notorious for the videos and articles of hate against them. When asked about these games, even people who have not played them don’t hesitate to pan them. These games have become practically universally disliked by gamers.

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mdprime2284d ago

I actually liked Other M a lot. While I don't necessarily enjoy what Team Ninja did with the Samus character, the core plot and gameplay were perfectly fine with me.

ignorantsonsof_2283d ago

Team Ninja only made the gameplay they had nothing to do with the story. That was all Nintendo.

Venox20082284d ago

I really liked this game

ignorantsonsof_2283d ago

I love this game, I beat it at least 5 times within a year of it releasing. I'd say it's the most underrated game I've ever played. It was revolutionary in almost everything it did gameplay wise, and it was so much fun! I loved switching between 3rd and 1st person.