5 bosses that should go on a diet

PS3 Attitude: "It’s once again time for PS3 Attitude to take a flippant look at the world of gaming. This week’s trope is impossibly obese bosses, all of whom could definitely stand to lose a few pounds; or a few stones; or, in one case, a few million tons. We had a fair amount of fat – sorry, big-boned – characters to choose from, but these are the five that made it onto our virtual weighing scales."

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NeXXXuS1741d ago

Cuchulainn Final Fantasy XII. XD

1741d ago
Blacktric1741d ago

Adjudicator from Demon's Souls. Weapons doesn't even hurt the bastard due to massive fat layer.

stefhutch201741d ago

Another good one - what the hell IS the Adjudicator anyway? lol

SonyStyled1741d ago

Krew from Jak and Daxter, now theres a guy with epic swag

Blacktric1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

There goes another Episode 3 delay again... Thanks a lot.

G20WLY1740d ago

Sorry bud - I don't understand, why do you say that?