Final Fantasy Cosplay - The Good, The Bad, The Weird

With Final Fantasy all over the gaming news scene once again, what with the reveal of a PC re-release, some more nonsense on the cancelling of FF Versus XIII and the progression of other titles in the series, it seems only fair to pull together some lovely pics of the hard working Final Fantasy cosplay fans.

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Lord_Sloth2308d ago

Hmm...That reminds me, I need to watch that film with Byung Hun Lee tonight......

guitarse2307d ago

I have no idea who that is lol.

Lord_Sloth2307d ago

You'd probably know him as Stormshadow from the GI Joe movie.

ATi_Elite2307d ago

I wish i could of went to comic con!

Nice costumes

guitarse2307d ago

Gotta say though, the Cloud (advent children version) is daaaamn creepy.

eTeknix2307d ago

He looks like a wax model :-p

WeskerChildReborned2307d ago

Aha i was thinking the same thing.

Treian2307d ago

what is the first girl oO

GaryOak2307d ago

I think she is supposed to be Jenova.

guitarse2307d ago

I thought that was a dude, although lets be honest, there is little evidence to prove me right / wrong