Darksiders II Wants You to Harvest the Souls of the Innocent

Stephen Fournier writes:

"Now normally, I’m a little judgemental of video game tie-in Apps but Darksiders II “Soul Harvest” has enough going for it that I just don’t care about it taking up space on my phone. In Soul Harvest, players can compete by “harvesting souls” of others who check into nearby locations via Facebook, the more souls you collect, the more rewards you receive. Now what are these rewards that could possibly be worth connecting your phone and scurrying around, harvesting the souls of the innocent people around you?"

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Them_Bones2335d ago

There is no such thing as innocence.

StarFox2334d ago

not in this world, unless your a baby of course.

WeskerChildReborned2334d ago

Or a Kitten or Puppy. But so what is the big deal? Bioshock made you harvest little girls.

MWH2334d ago

even if there's, i'll harvest them too.. babies.. disturbing i know.