World Wide Web Consortium releases draft of HTML 5

The World Wide Web Consortium has published a public draft of the first major upgrade to HTML in over a decade.

Released on Tuesday, the first working draft for HTML 5 is a result of work carried out by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) HTML Working Group, which brings developers, browser vendors, and content providers together.

In its final form by 2010, HTML 5 is intended to bring the markup language forward into today's richer Internet environments, with new application programming interfaces to control audio and 2D video content.

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Lord Anubis3770d ago

I hope they relase IPv 7|8|9|10 by that time.

xplosneer3770d ago

didn't see THAT coming. Sweet!

Bladestar3770d ago

lol... 2010... and this is why nothing ever get done in most non-propietary technologies... it takes decades to introduce anything... I'm also waiting for freaken SIP draft to be approved... errr.... for the last few years...

Here is what I want... the ability for browsers to be able to request compiled code. Browsers to be able to excecute true OOP languages and not interpreted languages like javascript... better management of variables with type safe... mmm... wait... we can already do that... SilverLight.. can run VB.Net, C# and compile libraries at the client browser.... Managed code baby! hehe.. Already write an ORM API for the browsers!

niall773769d ago

News For Web-designers.

How is this game related?

ReBurn3769d ago

You've never played Flash games embedded into HTML pages? You've never watched game videos embedded into HTML pages?

There's a Tech section for a reason.

Cwalat3769d ago

but what does this mean will happen to future websites ?

better presentation tools ?

jaja14343769d ago

In a nutshell. Faster loading, better visuals, and such.

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The story is too old to be commented.