"Quake 5" will be announced in early August

Quake, one of the greatest classic games of the FPS, may be about to win another game in the franchise. The rumor started with a tweet of Evolve PR, a public relations agency that promotes gaming companies like Atari, 2K Games and Microsoft Game Studios.

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ATi_Elite1678d ago

May I suggest Quake 5 go F2P like Tribes:Ascend!!!

T:A is doing really well and is an excellent game.

I'm sure Next Gen consoles will have a ton of F2P titles and I think Quake 5 would be an excellent one.

Batzi1678d ago

euuh what? don't you think saying "Quake 5 will be announced in August" already means that Quake 5 has been announced? :P Unless it means that they are showing the first teaser/trailer

WeskerChildReborned1678d ago

It could very well be possible.

mynameisEvil1678d ago

So... an announcement of a forthcoming announcement? 0_o

Soldierone1678d ago

Just waiting for the day someone goes "we will be announcing the day we will announce "Insert New Game Here" next month."

pandehz1678d ago

You mean ''we'll be announcing the day we will announce our plans for the next years announcements''

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