Devil May Cry 4 Demon Battle Gameplay

Nero battles a colossal fire beast in an intense fight to the death!

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Lord Anubis3736d ago

if you want to beat that guy you need to lock on and use the demon power to get near it's head. (you must be in range to fly).

when the demon blow's fire use L1 and X and quickly lock on and press circle (you must be in range) keep doing that and you will beat it easily.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3736d ago

that guy playing is a NOOB

How DMC4 should be played:

OOG FunK3735d ago

he should have went for the uppercut after he smashed dudes face on the ground...thats always fun

IzKyD13313735d ago

that was so pointless, why not just show the entire battle?
and why exatly do we need to see this, we could just go play it for ourselves

Panthers3735d ago

That boss is so hard. I still havent beaten him. I am going to go try again right now.