'Debates about the Mass Effect 3 ending miss the bigger picture'

CVG - I've just finished Mass Effect 3, having got there spoiler-free (don't ask me how). And I was blown away. There's been a great deal of furore about the ending, sometimes with justification, sometimes not. As a dyed-in-the wool ME fan, I was rocked by the ending in a way I've never experienced in this medium before. At 2am, and with that haunting piano refrain still echoing in my headphones, I sat furious, elated, desolate. So many questions, so much to process.

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dedicatedtogamers2335d ago

" and can any other game claim to have been discussed and analysed in the way that ME has?"

Uh, sure. Plenty of games. Heck, plenty of other BIOWARE games have been discussed in more depth compared to ME3.

The author is missing the point. ME3 was supposed to have an epic, tailor-made conclusion that reflected many (if not most) of your choices that the player made throughout the trilogy. Both EA and Bioware said exactly that. Instead, we got to pick which color explosions we wanted to see in the ending 3-minute cutscene.

Godmars2902335d ago

Yeah. This guy misses the point while trying to complain about others missing the point.

And the comments that agree with only continue the real argument of praising game devs and publishers for cutting corners and delivering half finished and confusing stories.

Blacktric2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

Couldn't have said better. Even a game like Dragon Age: Origins, which is supposed to be the first game of a supposed trilogy, has 3 disctinctly different endings that are loosely affected by the choices you have made throughout the game. Mass Effect 3 should have had a wide variety of endings ranging from horrible to the one people call the Disney ending in which Shepard lives, loses no one including Anderson and EDI and reconciles with his/her love interest if you worked your ass towards that goal like I and many others did. Instead we got three forced endings that has absolutely no connection to the things you have did throughout the trilogy. It's all about some stupid f*cking EMS score and your choice out of three different colors.

aliengmr2335d ago

A 3 min cutscene that made even less sense than everything else. How they messed that up is more of a mystery to me that all the mysteries they decided to add to the ending.

FrightfulActions2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

[Spoiler Warning]
Funny, I've never seen anyone comment negatively about the ending without justification. Every complaint seemed pretty accurate and true to me, even the vague 'it sucked' ones.

"In a rush to criticise the ending many have forgotten about the 150 hours of game"

Actually, a big reason people criticize is because they HAVEN'T forgotten. They remember all the moral decisions and supposedly important story-changing choices they had to make throughout the game, then come to realize it all really accounts for nothing.

Legion died? Oh well, there's a duplicate.
Mordin died? Oh well, there's a replacement for him.
Romanced Thane? Oh well, he's going to die no matter what and best of all he doesn't even count as a love interest anymore.
Killed the Rachni queen? Oh, the reapers cloned a new one, fancy that.
Voted for Anderson to be councilor? Oh well in the end it is ALWAYS Udina regardless.
Destroyed the Collector Base? Oh well, Illusive Man still managed to get something out of it, somehow.
Helped Zaeed kill Vido? Oh well, there's a new leader of Blue Suns who isn't Zaeed.
Had Kasumi destroy the graybox? Oh well she decided to fix it and get the data anyway.
Legion tell you they won't accept the reapers help because they believe in 'evolving' on their own without assistance? Oh well, they still want the reaper upgrades in the end.
Destroyed the Heretics? Oh well, Geth still side with reapers.

Practically none of the teammates of Mass Effect 2 seem to even care or fully know that Shepard was locked up for months. "I heard they put you in confinement." All these characters who had loads of backstory in the second game all amount to being 'Hi Shepard. Can't join you, busy doing my own thing - you understand." Oddly enough the only person who apparently even TRIED to contact ol Shep when he/she was locked up was Thane.

I could go on, but you get the point.

To make it worst, the ending doesn't even fit in with the lore and has too many plot holes to be enjoyed by fans who actually know about the Mass Effect universe and its story. It's a big troll of an ending honestly. Having a ending this bad really does kill it for a lot of fans. Sure the gameplay is fun, but whats the point of replaying it when you're going to reach the same outcome regardless.

We were promised it wouldn't be A, B or C type endings. We received Red, Blue, Green. Problem? Trololol.

Whitefeather2335d ago

I loved ME2 on PS3 I did every thing and I did two playthroughs and even did the platinum. I was dying to play ME3 and then I get it the game from the start seemed off when I reached the end I felt like I was slapped in the face to be honest I'm not a huge ME fan but I enjoyed the crap out of 2. The ending just seemed so short, so rushed and so artificial like it was just there for the sake of the end (wording seems odd but I think you'll get it).

Mythicninja2335d ago

This deserves bubbles. Very helpful, and informative

SageHonor2335d ago

And you havent even touched on all the problems. I thought the entire game was mediocre to be honest.

Huarle2335d ago

Shit like this happens when the dev cycle is too short. You really think BioWare did the extended cut just because of the fan protest?

They knew themselves it didn't reach the quality of what they were aiming for. If they would have been really happy with it they wouldn't have changed or added anything, no matter how many people complained.

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ChrisW2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

Not just the story:

I was disappointed in ME3... Even after watching the two 1&1/2 hour long documentaries about the Indoctrination Theory by CleverNoob (on YOUTUBE), which really opened my eyes and eased some of my disappointment, I felt that the level designs and the whole "Galactic Readiness" were poorly put together.

In addition, FrightfulActions' comment (see above) blares true. Nothing you do really matters. Not even the Galactic Readiness matters. This is mostly because they attempted to give a well rounded story line for those who never played ME1 and maybe ME2.

I strongly believe that BioWare should have disregarded the idea that they could create a game for someone who has never played ME1 and ME2. Such an idea created too many variables that needed to be brought together and ended up making the storyline fall flat. And took too many resources from what have been more wisely utilized; like level design.

greatcrusader442335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

Maybe if bioware didn't say the endings would be great and varied, people wouldn't have been mad it was anticlimactic and practically all the same without the use of your imagination (imagination is good for some parts but not for a whole ending). EC did make it better, and still love series, but bioware shot themselves in the foot by promising things they knew wouldn't happen.

Mythicninja2335d ago

Miss the point? The only point that matters now is that I well never pay for nor pirate a bioware game for the rest of my days

ChrisW2334d ago

Wow! Never paying is one thing, but never pirating? That's a bit harsh, don't you think?

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