Kratos will be “more vulnerable” in God of War: Ascension

It's no secret why the God of War series is consistently amidst the debate in regard to violence and gore in video games. Kratos has given us some of the most epic, entertaining, and memorable boss fights in gaming's long and celebrated history. They've never been without their share of bloodshed and brutality however, and some of gaming's most renowned developers and designers have spoken out against the oversaturation of violence within the industry.

David Hewitt, game designer for God of War: Ascension told IGN that while the carnage customary to the franchise will still be present in the newest installment, it'll be toned down a bit as the game will more thoroughly explore Kratos as a human being.

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rezzah2338d ago

Emotionally, most likely.

Physically, it is a little hard to believe.

skyrim2338d ago

Ya I don't think kratos is the hey lets talk it out guy he will probably just rip your skull off.

WeskerChildReborned2338d ago

Yea he's the type of person who just gets straight to the killing.

Patriots_Pride2338d ago

Kratos takes a more diplomatic approach when dealing with Gods??????

NastyLeftHook02338d ago

kratos is a mix between a man, a hyper nova, a villin and psychopath, he is not going down...EVER.

rezzah2338d ago

He isn't a psychopath.

If you know what they are really like and understand the reason behind his vengeance, then you'd know the use of the word "psychopath" to describe Kratos is completely wrong.

InTheLab2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

What about that Kratos rape scene? No one has a problem with that huh? Double standards..hmmf..

Reverent2338d ago

The f*ck are you talking about?

r212338d ago

i just googled it and youtubed it, there are sex scenes but no rape scenes. were you watching a porn video of Kratos O_o

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The story is too old to be commented.