A quick history of Batman in video games

As the last installment in the Dark Knight trilogy rolls out to theaters, we wanted to take a look back at Batman’s more polygonal adventures. Here’s a look back at the history of the masked detective in video games.

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JeffGrubb1972d ago

"Which LEGO piece do I use to make the Bat nipples?"

Everyone knows that you use the studs!

Sadie21001971d ago

I had no idea there was a ZX Spectrum Batman game! I kinda want to check it out now.

HamburgerBuns1971d ago

My impression of the ZX Spectrum Batman: Tukatukatukatukatukatukatukatu katukatukatuka forever.

roblef1971d ago

Huh. Arkham City better than Arkham Asylum? Interesting.