GameSpy previews Dragon Quest Swords

GameSpy last saw Dragon Quest Swords at Square Enix's Party 2007 and were moderately impressed by the swordplay and enchanted by the fact that this game is true to the beloved Dragon Quest series. After putting in about an hour with a decidedly polished preview build, GameSpy are pleased to report that Dragon Quest Swords is coming along nicely, with a few enhancements to the sword combat to separate it from the mess of other pretenders flocking to execute ham-fisted hack-'n-slash mechanics on the Wii.

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wiizy3710d ago

this game should be out soon enough

eddierivera3710d ago

unlike you lil boys, Ive been playing Dragon warrior since I was 8 yrs old. And to tell you the truth, this series has went down hill since part 4. I never played part 5, but it does include the Zenithan saga which makes me happy. Ive played 7, and 8 and you can tell the game isnt made by the same people. I thought it was Square Enix? What did they do, fire everyone in the Enix division? Must have cause everything that was ever part in the dragon warrior series is missing. There is no soul, and thats what the old games never had any lack of.

Anyways, its not like there hasn't been any good rpg's that haven't came out after Dragon Warrior part four. Final fantasy 7 and X came out, but the last good rpg was skies of arcadia for the Dreamcast. I have not seen a good rpg sine late 99 or 2000. All these devs are just wanting to put out these cheap @ss rpg's out as fast as possible. I hope Final Fantasy 13 can prove to the world that Rpg's isnt dead.