GamerCenterOnline: Midnight Club: Los Angeles Preview

With every racing game there is always a game with undeniable street cred and that game is Rockstar's Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Midnight Club: LA is the fourth game in the Midnight Club franchise.

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picker3323708d ago

Is this game any good?
I can't remember if it was this game but wasn't this game got like 3,5score or something,or was it some other driving game?

renegade3707d ago

I hope this is even better... I cant wait

eddierivera3707d ago

Where have you guys been living, under a rock? Yes this series is probably the best racing series ever. This is the first racing game with the true open world experiance. I dont even wanna say anymore,, you lil kids have missed out alot. Games back in the day were more fun to play, unlike now, everything is just a watered down version of previous games with better graphics. Thats all its about anymore,, graphics graphics graphics,, I just want fun fun fun.

ROCCOZILLA3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

we would race online from 10:00pm til 7:00am non stop on most nights.burnout paridise is my favorite right now and midnight club has to really be great to beat it.just check out ALIEN RACING CLUB.COM!!yall see.the online will be huge.