Violent Video Game Players Feel Need to Cleanse, Study Shows

New research from the University of Luxembourg shows that novice video game players experience "moral distress" and "remorse" after playing violent video games. Experienced players of violent video games did not experience the same phenomenon.

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WeskerChildReborned2313d ago

Why feel remorse when it's a game? Ahaha sometimes i do like on GTA4 when it gives you the decision to let someone live or die.

rezzah2313d ago

I've read comments of people who never finished Shadow of the Colossus because the colossus were peaceful and innocent. They couldn't find it in themselves to "kill" them.

It is more than just the medium being a gateway to immoral acts, it the human mind and feelings. Being prone to intense violence, no matter the medium makes the individual more numb to emotional stressful events (real or fake).

You and I might not realise this as I assume you have played many violent games while I know for a fact that I have. However, to a person who is new to intense violence is like someone losing their virginity. They see the world in a new light, a darker shade, and they wish they had never experienced it in the first place.

Their minds are more vulnerable do to a lack of experience (which isn't necessarily a good thing all the time), that is the main difference.

WeskerChildReborned2313d ago

It's just how humans were mainly made.

rezzah2313d ago

Exactly, which is why your question in your first comment is wrong.

Medium doesn't matter, it is what is revealed to he mind.

WeskerChildReborned2313d ago

I just think people don't need to be that remorseful cause it's not like you're a bad person if you make the bad decision in the game. I just let people live for fun.

rezzah2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Personally I don't get affected, or at least if i do it is so subtle I don't realise it.

But in truth the people we know and understand the best is ourselves. We cannot speak for the billions out there on how they would react to making life or death choices (whether they be real or not). So it is best to speak in general rather than assuming all humans are or should be the way we perceive them to be.


personally I enjoy being bad because it is definitely the easier path and usually the most fun.

camel_toad2313d ago

The research must have been done exclusively on people that are heavily involved in their church. (Sarcasm)

I only mention that because I once had a friend who came from a VERY religious family and his mother wouldn't allow him to play any games that had monsters in them because they "represented the devil and his demons".

rezzah2313d ago

Even the words that give rise to the images we have in our heads of hell are false, or at least the best understanding of what it is.

The pictures shown of physical torture when the soul is not physical at all. Torture of the soul is some sort of torture we as humans, matter, are incapable of perceiving.

Of course none of this matters if you don't believe in anything spiritual.

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Razgriz3832313d ago

So watching two dogs fight over some chicken is going to make me feel remorse...then go on a shooting rampage.

manman62313d ago

The games are rated "M" for a reason. If you can't handle the violence you shouldn't play the game.

rezzah2313d ago

Common misconception of those who are ignorant to what a video game is is that they are for children.

Our parents might not understand this as they grew up with those board games (monopoly, etc) and maybe games like Pacman or Pong.

It is funny, especially when the same person probably wouldn't allow their child to watch a R rated movie.

Soldierone2313d ago

I've also seen the opposite too. A parent was super strict about their kid playing an M rated game, anything with guns was bad. Then they turned around and let them watch "violent" movies and shows with no issue....

ginsunuva2313d ago

Exactly! Every game is automatically a kids toy. And they're all apparently about guns.

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