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Submitted by iXenon 1295d ago | opinion piece

Three Ways Square-Enix Can Screw Us Over With Kingdom Hearts III

With rumors of Final Fantasy Versus XIII being no more, Tetsuya Nomura may have his hands free to start working on the long awaited Kingdom Hearts III. Here’s what we don’t want them to do. (Kingdom Hearts 3, PS3, Xbox 360)

SoundGamer  +   1295d ago
I just hope they actually make the game within the next decade.

Don't let it become the next victim of SE Japan. :/
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iXenon  +   1295d ago
They skipped a whole generation of consoles, I hope it makes it on the next gen.
Ranma1  +   1295d ago
Square Enix suck so bad this gen that its so hard to exaggerate how bad they suck
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r21  +   1295d ago
kinda agree, i hate how they depend their RPGs on FF only :L last gen on the ps2, they released other games than FF but sadly none of them got the sequel they deserve.
edgeofsins  +   1286d ago
Deus Ex was amazing in my opinion. I was surprised to see they worked on it. I didn't know that until I saw the intro.
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1295d ago
I really doubt any of those are going to happen. There's no way it was all just a dream, it's the ending to a series with dedicated fans, so it won't be canceled, and it could be on Xbox but it's doubtful.
iXenon  +   1295d ago
I don't see why it couldn't be on Xbox. 3rd party exclusives aren't as common as they used to be. The article was meant to be humorous anyway.
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Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1295d ago
I mean Nomura has said in the past that he prefers the PS3. And if there was any truth to that rumor about the collection it would be on everything but the Xbox. It could definitely be on the Xbox, but I don't think it will. I also don't see any purpose for Kinect.
Patriots_Pride  +   1295d ago
You do realize that Wata has the final say on games right.

Plus why would you cut your profits in half just becuse your a fanboy of a certain console? Investors want money not thank you's from gamers.

Same goes for MGS5 As much as Kojima loves the PS3 he was forced to walk on the 360 stage to announce raising becuase MS pad top dollars - unless Sony can offer Konami some $$$$$$$$$ then expect MGS5 on the Wii U, PC and 720 as well - also do not be surprised if MS throws some money at Konami just to have some DLC exclusive rights.
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XabiDaChosenOne  +   1295d ago
First of all, assuming that the 360 would account for half of the sales is just moronic.
1. Jrpgs sell the most in their home country, Japan, where the 360 doesn't sell at all.
2. Jrpgs sell way better on the PS3 than they do on the 360, fact. Just look at the ff13 series sales, I'm pretty sure (Correct me if I'm wrong) that ff13-2 only sold 500,000 copies on the 360? Yikes!
Unless Microsoft is willing to pay money to account for the sales that would be needed to match the PS3 version it would be a waste of time and resources to make it multi. The only reason MS threw some money at square for FF13 in the first place was to make themselves relevant in the Japanese market. Now that they have failed to do so and don't need to since the 360 is pretty successful anyways, I doubt MS will do it with any other big name Japanese game. The only DLC that Microsoft is worried about is the DLC that comes with the COD series.
Omnislash  +   1295d ago
If its on Xbox and its still this gen I can pretty much guarantee that its going to suck. Look at what happened with FF13, I blame everything thats happened to Final Fantasy on Wada... that dude needs to get fired. Also with the whole WRPG and JRPG Bullsh*t, these Japanese developers need to learn to go back to their roots.
NeXXXuS  +   1295d ago
They wouldn't put Kingdom Hearts III on PS3. Tetsuya Nomura is the main guy that was working on the Kingdom Hearts series and now Final Fantasy Versus XIII. I doubt he would try and go with a 360 port.
TheFinalEpisode  +   1295d ago
The video alone is worth reading the article xD
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kagon01  +   1295d ago
Planned, DLC just like they did with FF XIII-2...
Smokeeye123  +   1295d ago
Maybe FFV13 was cancelled years ago and KH3 is ready to launch in 2013...a man can dream.
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1295d ago
That would make things a little better.
user5467007  +   1295d ago
If it does come out next gen then they better include a package with all the games thats have came out in between the second game and the third.

We've missed out a whole gen which has been full of KH spin offs, I'm going to be so lost in the story. I was after Chain of Memories when I played KH2 and that was just one game.
TheColbertinator  +   1295d ago
KH 3,Versus XIII.

Victims of SE
wishingW3L  +   1295d ago
hide your kids, hide your wife because it seems that Square's on a killing spree!
NBT91  +   1295d ago
Almost all the points the article made are moot...
All the "unanswered questions" have actually been answered in the games, some of them you have to read the Ansem Reports and stuff to find but they are actually there.
I mean "Was Kingdom Hearts destroyed in KH2?" Come on, Xemnas even tells you in the game that he is creating an artificial Kingdom Hearts to reclaim his heart, so no it was not, that was only Org 13 Kingdom Hearts.

They will not cancel it, and that would not have even been bought up at all if it was not for the RUMOUR of FFV13 being cancelled.

Nah, as long as it has everything I DO want, I am not too fussed. It just needs to end the story in a satisfying way (which if DDD is anything to go by, it will not.) and be just as good or better than the others in the series... If it turns out better than KH2 I will be seriously impressed.

OH - One thing I would like to see, Disney now own Marvel to some degree last I heard. I think it would be very cool to see some Marvel worlds or at least one Marvel World... Sora joining The Avengers and fighting some big heartless would be pretty great.
And at least one Disney Pixar world, like Toy Story, CARS or something like that.
iXenon  +   1295d ago
I'm not sure I'd want Marvel worlds to be in the game...

And since there have been four Kingdom Hearts games released since Disney bought Marvel, I don't see that happening.
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RurouniKaze  +   1295d ago
They somewhat already screwed us over with all these shitty spinoffs.
the_bebop  +   1294d ago
Which of these KH game are spinoffs because I played 358/2 Days, Birth by sleep and RE:coded and I have no Ideas what any body is talking about when they are saying a spin off game since, 358/2 days is a side story or at least a sidequel, BBS is a prequel to the first game and RE:coded is a sequel to KH2.

Definition Of a spin off -
RurouniKaze  +   1294d ago
oh look , a wild technical wise guy has appeared..

Look kid , not everyone has time to waste
scrambling around for each & every console/handheld to play several different parts of a game , not do they have time to waste beating 'sequels & prequels' whatever you called it.

You dont know how much all those 'sequels & prequels' have damaged the story. I used to love KH , Ive played them all except DDD. I have never emjoyed any as much as Part 1 & 2 and I have never understood anything @ all except for the story in pt 1&2. And you can bet your bottom dollar that im not the only one that has no freakin idea whats going on in the world of KH.
the_bebop  +   1294d ago
says you and by the way I didn't just by a PSP for BBS I also got it for crisis core. I also think BBS adds to the seires.

Also I am not a kid.
DFresh  +   1295d ago
The only way Final Fantasy XIII Versus and Kingdom Hearts 3 will be exclusive to Playstation 3 is maybe in Japan and Sony would have to pay for the timed exclusivity but other then that it's going to be multiplatform.

Just accept it.

Considering all of the spin offs on handhelds like DS/PSP you might get ports on PS Vita/3DS.

Future platforms like PS4/Xbox 720/Wii U.
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RurouniKaze  +   1294d ago
Its no issue it it comes on Vita since thats Sony's platform as well.
Roccetarius  +   1294d ago
@Kobe357, the 360 is actually more successful than PS3 in the JRPG section.

FF 13-2 was pretty horrible to begin with, And it's not the only series worth noting.

The reason for horrible 13-2 sales was also the previous game. You can't fool people twice.
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Knux  +   1294d ago
LOL, Nomura said that KHIII isn't the end to the series but instead the end to the ''Xehanort Saga''.

All I want is for KHIII to be freaking released in my lifetime.
KaBaW  +   1294d ago
If they make it xBox 360 exclusive, lol.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1294d ago
The worse case scenario is that the game sucks or they never release a KH3 which i really want one for this gen or next gen.

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