Resident Evil 6 Producer Talks Story, Combat, & Multiplayer

"The latest Resident Evil 6 game is shaking up the series’ formula in the most significant way since Resident Evil 4. Overhauled controls, an intertwining narrative thread, and four-player co-op are coming together for a very new experience. As a diehard fan of the series, these changes have raised a lot of questions for me. Following some hands-on time with Resident Evil 6, I picked producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi’s brain for the answers." -Tim Turi

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Why didn't he ask some questions about them ditching the old fanbase or how they've ruined about RE is all about. I would of loved seeing him trying to BS his way out of those types of questions.

"I don’t want to spoil anything about the game for you, but just like what I said about the C-virus, that really is the centerpiece of Resident Evil storyline. Its something I’m really proud of. Those zombies that you see in Tall Oaks aren’t the result of the T- or G-virus, but from the C-virus."

So they arn't Zombies then...they are basicaly just renamed Las Plagas enemies.

"Just to make clear: We weren’t setting out to create this 4-player co-op experience. That wasn’t the goal from the beginning, but we had all these stories that we want to tell and we wanted a way for them to intersect and give you a different perspective on the stories that are happening for the other characters"

Don't wanted to make this a co-op game from the start for more money.

If you wanted to tell more stories then you should of kept it for other RE games. Maybe a PSV RE game or another 3DS one...hell keep some ideas for RE7.

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Well they do shoot as well and that just ruins some of it for me.