The Demise of the Final Fantasy Series

The once vaulted Final Fantasy series, along with its much maligned creators, have turned into a joke hardly worth laughing at. Gamers felt the proverbial storm coming as early as the late 1990s, when the brooding Squall and the incomprehensible mess that was Final Fantasy VIII first graced their living rooms, but now it has come to full fruition.

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Snookies122309d ago

What??? Final Fantasy VIII was great, don't know what you're smoking... X-2 is what started the downfall my friend.

wthhpe782309d ago

Final Fantasy VII-IX were nowhere near as good as IV-VI. But agree that X-2 sucked.

wishingW3L2309d ago

I played them all and I own them all as well and that's simply not true. After beating FFVI I was really disappointed with the game after hearing how much better it was compared to FF7 because the truth is that it isn't. FFVI is not even the best JRPG on the Snes, Chrono Trigger is.

Pozzle2309d ago

Final Fantasy VII-IX were different than previous entries, but they certainly weren't "nowhere near as good". They were still incredible RPGs in their own right. Things only started falling off the rails after Square started focusing on so many unnecessary spin-offs and sequels.

Eamon2309d ago

Hmm I agree Chrono Trigger is the King of JRPG on the SNES but Final Fantasy VI comes in as a close second place.

In my opinion, I truly believe FF6 could have been much better but because of space constraints, huge portions of the original script had to be cut. This was also true for FF4.

As for me, I will always believe that the greatest JRPG in history will be Final Fantasy VII.

I grew up near the end of the SNES era so I basically grew up mainly in the PS1 era and so FF7 is very close to my heart.

Godmars2902309d ago

FF8 was bad technically because it marked an end to mini-games, ones trying to be in-world elements or events, as well as more focus of presenting rather than telling a story.

Kratoscar20082309d ago

What do you mean? The triple Triad was so good that i wished Square would had make an online Triple Triad game, the best minigame ever.

Godmars2902309d ago

Not saying that it was a good or bad, but rather it contributed nothing to the validity of the FF8. That if anything it makes it less believable and surrealistic.

Its a worldrenowned card game who's cards can be turned into useful items, including potions and tents, as well as magic. But only by the party. FF7's snow boarding game or the opera in FF6 was more realistic.

Point is even world map vehicle travel was a mini game and that went away in FF10.

Aykan2309d ago

They just need to sit back for a few year and actually spend the time to develop a game, instead of rushing one out the door every year or two.

Capt-FuzzyPants2309d ago

Everyone is already complaining about long development times. They used to release games faster than they're releasing them now. 7-10 I think came out fairly quick. They have a couple development teams and if that FF15 rumor a couple days ago is true then I think they have them staggered so each game has around 4 years of development but they come out 2 years apart.

Aykan2309d ago

True, but that could also lead to problems. Different development teams could mean radically different games that are out of touch with one another.

Them_Bones2309d ago

FFXII was brilliant, 10/10
F*ck all you haters.
This series hasn't met it's demise, it's just on hiatus from quality.

Outside_ofthe_Box2309d ago

I wouldn't say it's a 10/10, but it definitely isn't as atrocious as people make it out to be.

Skateboard2309d ago

Spoken like a true champ. F### you FF XII haters, read the reviews and cry like the babies you are.

guitar_nerd_232309d ago

I don't really see how the Ps1 era isn't up to par with the Snes era yet all 6 games follow a pretty much identical formula in general pacing and share a lot of the gameplay, character development systems and plot devices.

It's hypocrisy. The whole Snes / Ps1 era was fantastic.

redDevil872309d ago

If you told someone last gen how the gaming world would view the Final Fantasy series in 2012 they would never have believed you.

That's how far it's fallen.

Eamon2309d ago

Just reading what you wrote made me depressed.

Because it's true.

richierich2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Thats so true now Im also depressed.But maybe they will make a comeback in the next generation who knows

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