Feature: GameCube - GBA Connectivity and Wii U

Nintendo has been known to dip into its past when looking for the future. Nintendo's newest home console is no different, and many of the Wii U's most exciting new features have closely related Nintendo antecedents in an unlikely source: the oft-overlooked connectivity between the GameCube and Game Boy Advance. With the GameCube-Game Boy Advance link cable the two systems are able to link up and exchange data, and when used creatively this pairing presents players with gameplay possibilities remarkably reminiscent of the kind seen on Nintendo's upcoming console. Nintendo Life looks at some notable examples.

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WeskerChildReborned2216d ago

I really hope i can play gamecube games on Wii U and it would be also awesome if you could play them through your tablet controller like the image is on the tablet.

archemides5182216d ago

just a heads up, can't play gamecube games on wii u. nintendo stated their backwards compatibility policy is limited to "one generation back"

WeskerChildReborned2216d ago

Aww that sucks but i'm still looking forward to the Wii U.

live2play2216d ago

if IRC it was stated that GCN games would be downloadable titles on the eshop of wiiu

WeskerChildReborned2216d ago

Oh cool, i'm hoping they'll add most of the games i liked. Did they say whether it will be all GCN games or just some?

DivineAssault 2216d ago

ya but whos gona rebuy games they still have & are playable on wii?

archemides5182216d ago

yes i have pacman vs and a gba and gba-gamecube adapter. so i'm not getting wii u

sonicsidewinder2216d ago

*Remembers using Tingle Tuner on Wind Waker*

Knushwood Butt2216d ago

Yeah, I bought this cable, and it was a total waste of money.

sonicsidewinder2216d ago

Depends what you used it for.

I also used it for transfering Chao from Sonic Adventure to Sonic Adventure 2.

But yeah, it was kinda limited.

Devinchi332216d ago

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Four Sword Adventures were some of my greatest multiplayer experiences on the Gamecube. However, I didn't get much other use out of my GBA cable.