Was Final Fantasy XIII-2 An Improvement over XIII?

Techdeville writes: Final Fantasy is a franchise that everyone has heard of by now, either directly or indirectly. The series has about sixteen main games, and numerous spin-offs. Recently, though, after the release of XIII, fans have begun to think that the franchise might as well be considered a ‘Dead Fantasy’.

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no_more_heroes2309d ago

"If you fear that the battle still may not be in your control, due to ‘auto-battle’, you can set the cursor to always be on abilities so that you can select your characters moves manually, allowing you greater control over the game."

You could do that in XIII...

Lucretia2309d ago

exactly, its proof that they dont know wtf they are talking about.

and well if u do use that option 13-2 will be WAAAAAAAY to hard honestly. I dont see the point of needing to click cure 6 times when auto battle will do that for me. only when i want to do specific commands do i take control of that, otherwise the gameplay is about paradigm shifting correctly and using the right team

Capt-FuzzyPants2309d ago

This battle system is set up in a way that is too hard to click everything yourself, its just too fast. It's still not a bad set up though. The strategy for this battle system isn't during the battle, but before the battle.

Shikoro2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

God, how I hate when people say that stuff about Auto battle. There is no way in hell that you will get to the half of the game without switching paradigms and choosing commands on your own.

Irishguy952309d ago

Better in some ways, but still ****

DA_SHREDDER2309d ago

one turd was bigger than the other.

Spenok2308d ago

One troll was bigger than the other -.-

Merrill2309d ago ShowReplies(1)
Dark112309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Yes , but still the game sucks.

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The story is too old to be commented.