IGN - PlayStation Conversation: Discussing Final Fantasy Versus XIII's Rumored Cancellation

IGN - Rumors are circulating that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is no more. So what does it all mean, and where does it leave Square's famous series?

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dedicatedtogamers1975d ago

Must be a slow day for game journalists.

Funny how highly-anticipated 360 exclusives like Too Human and Alan Wake (which both had LOOOOONG development cycles) never once had these sort of speculation articles about them being - according to rumor - cancelled.

Irishguy951975d ago

Yeah but this is Versus, it's 'bigger' than the two games you mention

Nitrowolf21975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Same thing can be said about The Agent. We only gotten "We are working on it" or "No comment at this time" for the past years.

Square Enix better address this rumor though. I am sick of games going in the dark.

guitarded771975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Yeah, the guy in the blue shirt said he wants FFXIII-3 and he loved XIII... I think that point alone should disqualify him from being a gaming journalist.

That said, I don't believe anything until it's official... but if we don't see or hear something by the Sept FF announcement day or at TGS, I'd definitely consider the game to be in limbo.

They also say the resources (whatever those may be) could be used in/on FFXV... maybe FFXIII-Vs was too far away from the story/style of XIII to have the name tied together. Maybe they don't want gamers who didn't like XIII to be influenced by XIII when they buy the game.

Who knows... just speculation.

PirateThom1975d ago


He was blatantly being sarcastic about liking FFXIII.

guitarded771975d ago

@ PirateThom

That's not something to joke about.

Ranma11975d ago

I dont want this game to be cancelled, but if it is cancelled, i guess SE has NOTHING to redeem themselves for making the sh**y games they made this gen !

wishingW3L1975d ago

This is not just simple speculation, this is a rumor started by a reliable source according to Kotaku.

greenpowerz1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

You never heard rumors of Too Human and Alan Wake canceled stories and gamer speculation?

LOL It's funny that you came to that conclusion so quickly when those xbox games seen this treatment off and on for years yet FF VS has only had it for a few days with FF Versus taking the longest to come out lol.

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MaideninBlack1975d ago

Everyone needs hits. There won't be any news to talk about between now and Gamescom so let's run with the rumors.

PaPa-Slam1975d ago

1 less chessey game, that's all.

Afterlife1975d ago

??? This isn't XIII/XIII-2

PaPa-Slam1975d ago

I've been hurt too much by recent Final Fantasy games to have faith in this 1.

DigitalRaptor1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

@ n4gboy

Have you even watched trailers/seen gameplay/read details about Versus XIII? cause it sound like you're blind commenting. The game is set up to be dark and mature with minimal cheesy dialogue and characters.

Irishguy951975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Well fair enough, losing faith in is all well and good, but, what was shown so far was not cheesy. Every bit of dialogue was riddled with stringy cheese in XIII. WHereas the characters just kinda speak like normal people in this one. Besides Noctis being a bit cocky(if you consider that cheesy, it's sort of a staple of Shoenen manga to be honest)

NeXXXuS1974d ago

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is being developed by completely different team. This will be nothing like that abortion of a game, Final Fantasy XIII.

Xperia_ion1975d ago

Why cancel a money magnet ? Don't believe ondore's lies !!!

Afterlife1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

IGN is joining Kotakus' hit magnet. Kotaku and IGN are the only known sites reporting this story.

I hate how they are acting like the rumor is credible.

Summons751975d ago

nah it's pretty much spread like a wild fire at this point, only Square can settle the rumors once and for all. Hopefully they won't wait a week in a half to resolve this but that's up to them

KingOptimusOrigin1111975d ago

Yeah, I hope they confirm this rumor is fake because I've been waiting 6 years and this rumor made me sad and angry.

Eamon1975d ago

My feelings correlate with the above.

I've been sick and tired of S-E this gen and the one remaining redeeming factor was Versus and now it looks like it's been canned.

CLOUD19831975d ago

Actually IGN is the 5th site who write about Versus cancellation I read all of them & we will see many more such articles until September unless SE decide to come out & say officially that Versus is still in production.

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