Elder Scrolls Online open to next-gen consoles, but focused on PC 'right now'

Like most MMOs, The Elder Scrolls Online is targeting a strict PC release. ZeniMax Online Studios head Matt Firor says the studio is open to the possibility that the next generation of consoles could support the game, but doesn't want to speculate based on unknown specs just yet

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icemonkey92278d ago

Just so worried it'll just be SWTOR with an Elder Scrolls skin. Do not want.

ATi_Elite2277d ago

I'm telling you now that Elder Scrolls Online "Will Be SWTOR but with an Elder Scrolls Skin".

Just another Generic World of Warcraft clone waiting to go F2P to make up for it's miserable failure as a subscription game just like SWTOR.

May I suggest Guild Wars 2 to fulfill all your Fantasy MMO delights.

1. Innovative MMO that will revolutionize the genre

2. No way in hell did they copy WoW

3. No monthly subscription Fee

4. Just a great gaming experience made by a AAA Dev team who are free to create without being made to add on crap by some money hungry publisher.

5. The Open Beta starts soon!

Also I suggest Tera Online (Action MMO) or The Secret World (Not so much a WoW clone but the Story is very very rich and deep)

pandehz2277d ago

Do i need to pre-order for open beta?

Mainsqueeze2277d ago

I think you should wait till we see more of the game in action to pass judgement, it was only announced like two months ago and they have barely showed anything yet. SWTOR failed because Bioware failed to make it a good game in the first place regardless of it copying wow or not.

papashango2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

I really really hope people aren't looking for the elder scrolls experience with this mmo.

It's just another wow clone.

iamlegend99992277d ago

Sweet this proves next gen consoles will have more mmorpg's and free-to-play games. Can't wait.

taquito2276d ago

hope they make next gen console more open to other types of games and having native keyboard mouse option so we can actually have some console rts games that dont run at 15 frames per second and have AWFUL control schemes