Games Radar Preview Of Saints Row 2

The original Saints Row was perhaps the most successful Grand Theft Auto copycat to date, and its sequel is promising to up the ante with a series of tweaks to the winning crime sim formula. Unsurprisingly, gang warfare is still the order of the day as you guide your chosen gangbanger through an expanded version of Stillwater City. But while the game's themes remain unchanged there is talk of a darker storyline that picks up some years on from the explosive final act of the first game - promising a tale of betrayal, revenge, and with any luck, redemption.

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DarkSniper3774d ago

Dark Sniper is pretty sure everyone remembers the poor and mundane online function of the original Saints Row on XBOX 360. XBOX Live seems to have it's restrictions to developers who are not EA, Bungie or Activision.

With easier programming tools for Playstation® Network. Dark Sniper believes that Saints Row will reach it's full potential only on PLAYSTATION® 3.


i Shank u3774d ago

an hilarious laugh at worthlessness. thank you :)

InMyOpinion3774d ago

Those "easier programming tools" must be what's causing all the delays for PS3 games. Even PSN is lagging behind with demos. I think Saints Row 2 will bee great on the PS3, as long as it does'nt get canned.

Daytona3774d ago

This game will be a hell of a lot better on the Xbox 360 as every other game is and is/has been proven time and time again.

Much like a dog, I believe you to eat your own poo.


Iron Man 23774d ago

No thanks,GTA IV is enough for me,and plus the first one on the Xbox 360 was nothing special;)

Le-mo3774d ago

And we care about this game because?? If this game is to have any chance of selling THQ better delay this game to next year. Let's face it, GTA IV will outshine this game in every way.

Skerj3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

I actually enjoyed the first game, I didn't think I would either. It felt like San Andreas 1.5 so I think that's why I kept playing until completion, but it showed promise for the franchise. It also had MF Doom and the Editors in the soundtrack, win for all right there. The only caveat was that CJ was more likeable than the "protagonist" of Saints Row and actually HAD a personality. I hope you have more lines in SR2, the silent guy only worked for the first 3 GTAs.

Bad thing for Volition/THQ is that they're trying to bring out the game this year, it's going to get overshadowed by GTA4 if it comes out too close. And even without GTA4 there are a ton of open world games this year with more interesting premises (Brutal Legend, Prototype, Borderlands) so it REALLY has to set itself apart.

InMyOpinion3774d ago

I thought SR 1 had much better controls than the previous GTA games. It looked great for a sandbox game as well. Nice physics, textures etc.

I can't get enough of this type of games, so I'll be saving Saints Row 2 til after I've finished GTAIV(if possible) =)

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The story is too old to be commented.