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More trophy and full install details revealed for Metal Gear Solid 4

Kojima Productions has revealed a few more trophy and full install details for their Playstation 3 exclusive title, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3)

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Rainstorm81  +   1223d ago
"The new patch will let you play through entire game with “quick loading times.”

Great because i wasnt planning on buying the re-release, i still have my MGS4 from launch
Philoctetes  +   1223d ago
Same here. MGS4 is one of those games that I just like seeing in my collection even if I wasn't going to play it any more. And of course, I was holding out hope for a trophy patch . . .
crxss  +   1222d ago
They should give this game 2 platinum trophies, one for earning the big boss rating and another for getting every other trophy.

If any game were to receive 2 platinum trophies, it should be mgs4.
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Red_Orange_Juice  +   1223d ago
if the rerelease wont be platinum edition in Europe Im gonna get it
xstreetsweeperx  +   1223d ago
There was supposed to be a re release?
Skate-AK  +   1222d ago
In Japan I think.
FOXDIE  +   1222d ago
Japan only!
xstreetsweeperx  +   1220d ago
Thats pretty rediculous.
StraightPath  +   1222d ago
It will be a great idea to release a MGS4 Substance edition. With additional extras such as VR missions, hilarious mini games remembering skateboarding? lol and much more. Other then trophies there is much to look forward to for a old classic game. But for trophy fans i guess there is. Plus a feature is fully dead so adding substance extras would be a nice touch. But just a rerelease i guess.
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SnotyTheRocket  +   1222d ago
so do I, Collectors edition.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1222d ago
Yea me too. I'm happy that they are adding quick loads but i never really minded the long installs really.
NewZealander  +   1222d ago
im not playing the damn game again! thats just freakin rude kojima!

so because a few people may cheat to get the trophies we will screw over everyone with legit saves? so i have to start all over again and cant pick up trophies using my old saves? screw you!

no way in hell am i playing this again, and for the record it was MGS that started the trend of dudes in heels, not gaga.
pixelsword  +   1222d ago
Isn't your whole country shaped like a high-heeled boot? j/k :D
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sway_z  +   1222d ago
Get back in your pram!
TheFinalEpisode  +   1223d ago
It's probably just me but those long install times got me excited for the next chapter and divided the story in an episode-like manner really well, of course I wouldn't like them if it wasn't for the easter eggs the loading screens had

I guess I just liked the game that much xD
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Ken22  +   1223d ago
Can August hurry up already i wanna start trophy hunting on MGS4.

KillerPwned  +   1223d ago
This is off topic some what but I played this game over 19 times beating it. I still think to this day its one of the best looking console games out. I also still have my launch copy and cannot wait to platinum this game!
HammadTheBeast  +   1222d ago
Thats dedication. Personally, I havent played it, but was there online?
neoMAXMLC  +   1222d ago
Yes, but it recently got shut down.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1222d ago
There was online. Think Counter Strike meets Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. It was fantastic! The Konami ID thing was a total mess though. :/
KillerPwned  +   1222d ago
Thank you, I loved MGO it was personally one of the best online experiences I ever had on a console game. Too the above post talking about a combination of Counter Strike and Splinter cell: CT they are correct. The way you could customize everything also was astounding it made the game always feel very fresh. Its a shame it was taken down I just hope a new MGO is born out of it....without Konami ID that was one thing I hated but I dealt with so I could fully enjoy the game.

I believe Konami ID came out the way it did though because PSN at the time was not as strong and greatly implemented as it is in games today. So they probably figured lets just build our own network to accompany for the games online play and purchases.
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Vortex3D  +   1222d ago
Still interesting if the Metal Gear Online is still in the menu. If so, it's like re-releasing the new edition with a feature that is already dead.
SnotyTheRocket  +   1222d ago
My theory is, that Konami are working on MGO PSN, to launch along side the Trophy patch, To make it even more Awesome.
TheFinalEpisode  +   1222d ago
If they add a few online trophies it would explode like crazy, I never got to play online for the game and I've really wanted to play it lately.
PirateThom  +   1222d ago
I don't think any game this console gen has better character models. Ridiculously detailed and fantastic animation.
BIGBOSS08  +   1222d ago
some moments in the game even now look brilliant.
Merrill  +   1222d ago
None of that information is new.
ZodTheRipper  +   1222d ago
So this edition is usess for everyone who still has the game at home? Because there will be a patch that comes with everything this edition also has? Am I understanding that right?
Soldierone  +   1222d ago
It will most likely be a "Subistance" version with other bonuses. It actually hasn't been detailed just yet.

However with everything we know so far, yes it would be somewhat pointless to re-buy the game just for the patch. Since all current version will be seeing it. Thank god Konami hasn't turned into Capcom.
Ryatta  +   1222d ago
All I'm thinking is that if MGS4 can get a trophy patch after all this time maybe Sega will follow suit and do the same for Valkyria Chronicles.

I'm happy they did something about the loading times as well, shows how the code has improved for their PS3 games since the original launch of the game
Vortex3D  +   1222d ago
It's always about money. Will Valkyria Chronicles sell more to new gamers if trophies are added?

I have both games and never care and still don't care if they have trophies. Why? I often found when a game doesn't have trophy, I play it based on my style. When there are trophies, sometimes they influence me to play the games in certain way that unlock the trophies.

Why are trophies that important anyway? I found the only real use of trophies are timestamp when I reached each chapter in the game for my own reference.
Soldierone  +   1222d ago
I would go buy it again, thats for sure.

The thing about trophies with me is that when I finish the story I feel like the games "done." When there are trophies I don't feel like the games done till I see 100 percent. So if that means playing through the game 4 times, I'll play the game an extra 3 times.
Ryatta  +   1222d ago
Trophies can be great gametime extending devices when used properly. In trying to get them you can end up seeing everything a game has to offer, sub plots/areas etc. While some games just had stupid trophies just as much as intellegent or challengeing ones.

While your right theres not much money in it, hense the series moving to the PSP, releasing an upscaled set of the 3 could be a good way to go and a patch for people who already have it.
Neo-Axl  +   1222d ago
DMC4 would be wonderful aswell!
NastyLeftHook0  +   1222d ago
it would be sweet
Neo-Axl  +   1222d ago
Old Snake's character model alone.. Defines graphics this gen for me personally, MGS4 will always be in my collection of video-games, even when the PS4 is on the go, I just love Metal Gear that much :P
cyclindk  +   1222d ago
I'm not a MGS fanboy at all, but just the content in-game (DLC = wallet rape), story, complex as it may be, the character development, gameplay mechanics (untouchable)... it's the whole package, minus a now defunct multiplayer.

Truly great developers and devotion. Probably the most well-made and rounded game this gen.

Skyrim shoots for quantity and size, but nothing competes with MGS4 in quality and content per square foot in a digital game world and how you can interact with it.
mastemikegee  +   1222d ago
Amen comrade
FantasyStar  +   1222d ago
I suppose the "trophy edition" of MGS4 won't have MGO right?
cyclindk  +   1222d ago
Forget trophies... that damn install every chapter was the only thing that kept me from replaying it a hundred times instead of just twenty or so.

- it will finally be convenient to jump between chapters!!! :)



Thank You Koji-poo
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banjadude  +   1222d ago
"it will prevent players from downloading saves to exploit the trophies"

I thought save files for PS3 games are always tied to the user account that created it, or something like that?

Anywho, thanks Kojima-san!
PirateThom  +   1222d ago
They're not. It used to not be an issue, but once trophies were implimented, if would work, but if you would have earned a trophy it pops up to say the save file wasn't created with the same username/log in ID.
banjadude  +   1222d ago
Oh, that explains why they (I'm assuming) took off the downloadable saves tab on gamefaqs.com.

Thanks Mr.Thom.
Frances-the-Mute  +   1222d ago
Hmm no retroactive trophies, kind of wished now the update would be released by the end of July. I have Darksiders II set for August, Borderlands 2 for September, Dishonored and/or a game from my backlog for October. I don't think I can wait, I guess I'm gonna screw the trophies and play it now since 2013 has a grip on my wallet.
waltyftm  +   1222d ago
Cant wait, i had already backed up my 17 times play through save just in case they were retroactive, just so i could enjoy it all again, this game really has stood the test of time, i still get a buzz when certain events occur, or try to play an episode different from the last time,it's just so unlike any other game.
OldSnakePS3  +   1222d ago
cmon next month!
NastyLeftHook0  +   1222d ago
sway_z  +   1222d ago
If you still have MGS4 after all this time because you (like me) thought a masterpiece deserves to be kept as opposed to traded in....then re-play MGS4 and gasp in awe that even after 4 long years MGS4 still looks amazing!

Some Japanese developers (Kojima) are ahead of their time technically, because most of todays games still fall way short of the quality that is Metal Gear Solid 4....

Kojima....I salute you!
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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   1222d ago
Old game is old. I thought PS3ers were all about innovation.

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