New GTA4 Special Edition Images

New images of the GTA IV special edition have appeared over at This is now believed to be the final appearance of the special edition - in other words this is what you will see when you purchase the game in April:

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Amagai Shuusuke3709d ago

Thats a hell of a special edition.

meepmoopmeep3709d ago

whoa!!! that looks tight! looks like i'm down for one of those *slurrrrp*

Amagai Shuusuke3709d ago

Walkin' down the street with my Rockstar
bag checkin' out the fly girls on the
street. They be like "Yo hot stuff, is
that the Special edition GTA4." I be
like "Hell yeah! Now get on yo knees h0e.

ThichQuangDuck3709d ago

We can both go walking down the street with that bag and they will be like damn your rich you got GTA4 special edition and then we will get all the honeys jk

3709d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.