Velocity developer working on Nintendo 3DS title

It would appear that Futurlab - developer of phenomenal PS3/PSP/PS Vita space shooter Velocity - are hard at work on a Nintendo 3DS game.


Requesting this article is removed please - I've uploaded a version without a broken link over here:

Sincerest apologies.

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MoreConsole1973d ago

Looks interesting. If it's as good as Velocity, count me in.

browngamer411973d ago

How did this get approved? The link takes you to the image url..

Gaming4Ever1973d ago

A broken article like this gets approved, yet I've seen some actual good articles get slaughtered for just a letter being wrong...

disgaeapuchi1973d ago

Gah! Really sorry about this. Is there any way I can request for this to be removed and a newer version to be approved? Here's the actual link:

disgaeapuchi1973d ago

Thanks so much for pointing this out - urgh, can't believe I made this error. I've reuploaded the article here with the correct link in place:

Gaming4Ever1973d ago

Thanks for sorting this out.

MySwordIsHeavenly1973d ago

It's just Galaga with a warp option. I don't get why Velocity was so big.

Unexpecta1973d ago

I don't care about minis or the developers who made Velocity. In my honest opinion minis are a joke and waste of time for whoever plays them or developed them on a device like the PSV. Instead of wasting your time playing those 'minis' go play the real games meant to played on the handheld, like the full console game experiences. Even if I finished every game on my PSV and got bored of them, and let's say randomly I had a mini on my PSV, I would never play it.

Who cares if the developer is working on a 3DS title? I don't and I'm pretty sure the majority of the world doesn't care. The main reason why they're developing on the 3DS is because they see MONEY in their eyes. The 3DS has a significant user base and each one of them are potential customers.

It's cha-ching for Futurlab if they get it right.

FuturLab1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Incorrect :)

Unexpecta1972d ago

When a person responds to someone else by saying "Incorrect :)," then that means the person they're responding is completely correct because you end it off with a smile.

Go back to developing on the 3DS, I know you want your wallet full. Nobody wants your garbage minis on the PSV.