Blizzard not happy with Diablo III, Promises more end-game Content

It’s very rare for a company like Blizzard to honestly admit that their game wasn’t as good as they expected it to be. Blizzard feels that they have failed to engage players during the end-game hours of Diablo III.

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dedicatedtogamers1974d ago

Um, duh! It's called "expansion packs". Blizzard has always done it this way.

ozzywazzy1974d ago

It's called this game sucks balls.

Grap1974d ago

DRM killed this game.

ozzywazzy1974d ago

Agreed, but also it just came across as lazy.

NeoTribe1974d ago

Even with its faults its easily one of the best and most addicting games this year.

Heavenly King1974d ago

this game is not worth the 12 years of wait.

kingPoS1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Blizzard: We're going to come out with more content for Diablo3.
Gamer: Um ok.
Blizzard: You'll have to be online to play the expansion pack.
Gamer: I'm ok with that.
Blizzard: We've also decided to forgo store retail.
Gamer: That's coo...WHAT!!!
Blizzard: It's better this way.

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