CheatCC Review: PixelJunk Monsters (4.4 out of 5) - Another Awesome Download

CheatCC writes: "It seems that both the Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network are coming out with some pretty cool downloadable titles these days. But if I had to pick which one had the most memorable and best quality original titles, I would really have to go with the PlayStation Network. From Everyday Shooter to Pain, they really have some great content available on their network, and I would be tempted to say that I enjoy their downloadable titles more than the ones available at your local game store. One series that is emerging on the network as a powerhouse on the downloadable front is the PixelJunk series. Last year's PixelJunk Racers was pretty good as a bite-sized slot racing game, and left many wanting more. This year we see the PixelJunk series travel into the realm of bite-sized real-time strategy with PixelJunk Monsters. "

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hadouken0073802d ago

this game rules, and would be more cool if they gave more add-on's!

Skerj3802d ago

At 7.99, this game is a freaking steal. I just wanted to jump in real quick to see if it was as cool as the trailers, ended up playing for an hour and had to rip myself out of it. Why wasn't Pixel Junk Racers this good?

meepmoopmeep3802d ago

and very challenging as well... solo or co-op it gives you a good challenge for your $8.
great fun for a great price... and don't forget Remote Play on your PSP... sony is doing a great job with their downloadable games... keep 'em coming!

RecSpec3802d ago

This game has way more strategy than Desktop Tower Defense, and although it's a bit of a tricky transition (e.g. you can't place towers anywhere you want, your guy starts out pretty slow) once you start getting rainbows and unlocking stuff, it gets even more addicting.

Days of Ruin and PixelJunk Monsters, what a great week for strategy fans.

Baba19063802d ago

its really great. and quite hard i must say. its really important to put the towers in the right place at the right time. =D

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