GTA 5 changeable weather and its effects

Inentertainment writes:Having already discussed a number of what features we would like to see implemented into GTA V, such as being able to go into houses, fully customizable cars and much more there’s also another feature that we would like, and that’s changeable weather. By bringing in such a thing this could add a greater dimension into the game because with changeable weather brings different effects.

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Gambit_the_White2336d ago

Of course the weather in the game will change. I don't see a single reason for why that wouldn't be in the game.

unchartedxplorer2336d ago

(sigh) another person who didn't have the bother to read the article and posts a retarded comment. It says in the article 'imagine being able to change the weather yourself' not having changeable weather. Never just read the headline and intro and then post a stupid comment.You'll get flamed for it.

Gambit_the_White2336d ago

Well, I didn't notice that, I just skimmed through the article. But I imagine that will be possible too. If I remember correctly, you've been able to do that in every GTA game (except the first ones, for PS1 of course) by using cheats.

One more thing. Be civil, dude.

camel_toad2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

@pulsuhundur is right - I know for certain at least gtaiv had cell phone numbers you could input to change the weather. The author apparently has a bad memory (and mine is horrible) or never played gtaiv.

The only difference in what the author mentions and what was already in gta is rising waters from rain accumulation. That would be cool but something like that as he mentions is probably unlikely, this gen at least.

Patriots_Pride2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

This might sound like a crazy idea but what if GT5 had a feature that when you connect online and play the campaign you get live satellite radio? Of course you will have to pay a little extra but still worth it if your going to put in 300 hours into a game.

Imagine if GTA5 is 3 times bigger than San Andres and with much more exploration points- being able to listen to live news, new music or sports broad cast and updates would be boss.

unchartedxplorer2336d ago

I wouldn't start asking for features now as they are late in the development process. Not worth reading, really

Hazmat132336d ago

this might be off subject but when ever it rains i never see any water in gutters or dripping from off the roof. ya know? nothing dynamic just like 2d water following the paths and go into the sewer system on the roads or gutters on houses that follow a path into the street. sorry for the vague description.

Patriots_Pride2336d ago

Not possible on this gen consoles and not worth the time and expense unless it has something to do with the gameplay.

isarai2336d ago

I would rather live in a living world that's with it's own dynamic weather than to somehow become a weather god. Besides they already have this feature as Cheats in every GTA since 3