7 Games Worth Bringing to PlayStation

In a world dominated by multi-platform titles like Call of Duty or the massive library EA Sports brings to every platform under the sun, it’s not too tough to find games you’ve heard about on other platforms on your own. Not tough, but not always easy or possible. Of course, there is now the big news of Polytron announcing that they will not re-patch their hit game Fez (which, Spoiler alert: made this list) because of ridiculous charges by Microsoft to do so despite it being such an easy fix so quickly after the last patch. This not only made them keep the old broken patch, but take to twitter touting how excited they are that their XBLA exclusivity contract is soon running out.

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Batmau52010d ago

I'd love Minecraft on my PS3. The Xbox version actually looks pretty cool.

jc485732010d ago

wouldn't mind Dead Rising. I already own it on the 360, but Dead Rising is a series worth owning twice.

Moncole2010d ago

If you want more games you should buy another system. And if you say I'd to expensive save up money.

Batmau52010d ago

You're assuming people like me don't own all 3 current consoles? I prefer one over the other, hence I'd like to play some of these games on my PS3.

Xperia_ion2010d ago

Every console should have its exclusives. I'm all for not playing anyone of these games on my PS3.

LaurenKB1232009d ago

Dead Rising, nothing wrong with more zombies!

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